Shani Trayodashi Shani Dosha Parihara Pooja Vidhanam Telugu

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Shani is the lord of Saturn in astrology. Shani has the ability to bestow both good and bad outcomes in a person’s previous life. Shani is said to be the ruler of the accumulated karmas of previous births in spiritual astrology. In Shani Maha Dasa, a person will also be punished for wrongdoings committed in previous lives. Although Shanikrura appears in the physical vision, he actually directs the person’s actions by putting him through the ordeal of fire.

In the inscription, Shani is the punisher. Shani only punishes us for our transgressions. Shani punishes the impartiality of a judge. Shanivara is ruled by Srimannarayana, and Trayodasi is ruled by Kamadeva. That is Shiva. As a result, Shani became the overlord of Sivakesava’s actions. That is why Shani Trayodashi is Shani’s favorite day. Lord Shiva considers Trayodashi Tithi to be very auspicious.

Many people are afraid of Lord Shani. Lord Shani is actually quite good. Lord Shani exemplifies mother and father love. Lord Shani is associated with righteousness, justice, and righteousness. Gocharartya safeguards individuals who are under Saturn’s unfavorable gaze from causing harm to those who measure it with dedication and live righteously.

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Shani Trayodashi Shani Dosha Parihara Pooja Vidhanam Telugu

  • In the morning, massage all over with sesame oil and take a bath.
  • On that day, no alcohol or meat should be consumed.
  • It is preferable if those who can perform Shiva Archana do so.
  • Whatever you are doing, you should remain silent as much as possible and think of God.
  • Everyone and every living being should be able to see God.
  • Do not engage in debates with anyone.
  • It is preferable to feed those who are hungry on that particular day, as well as animals.
  • Apply sesame oil on the body after sunrise and take a bath an hour later. Puranas claim that if you do this, you will receive Shani’s blessing.
  • Cows and dumb animals should be provided with food and water.
  • Crows should be given jaggery bread that has been baked with sesame oil and chopped into little pieces.
  • Orphans, the homeless, the widows, the elderly, and the sick should all be assisted in some way.
  • Must get along with my husband.
  • We should never blame our aunts and uncles, those who cooked and served us, those who wished us well, those who gave us jobs, and those who assisted us in times of need.
  • Under no circumstances should the obligations and emotional links be overlooked. If you can perform in this manner, Lord Shani will completely benefit you and keep you in a favorable position.
  • Oil Abhishek should be performed on the Navagrahas. Shani dosha patients will see instant results by doing so.

Shani Trayodashi Vratam:

  • According to Shastras, Shaniwar is the son of Lord Surya and Chayadevi. Kashyapana is a gotra. Yamadharmaraja’s brother, Yamuna, and companions Hanuman and Kalabhairava Saturn are also known as Konsta, Pingala, Krishanu, Shauri, Babhru, Manda, Pippala, Raudrantaka, and Suryaputra.
  • Shani Trayodashi has the following meanings: Shani Trayodashi is the day when Trayodashi Tithi falls on Saturday. Elders advise Swami to anoint them with sesame seeds, sesame oil, and black cloth on that day.
  • Sesame oil should be applied to Lord Shaniswar. Family, job, business, health, legal cases, adversaries, debts, and following regulations are all priorities. When leaving Shaniswar’s temple, if you provide charity to beggars and the needy, not in the form of food, but in the form of clothes, money, or material things, you will receive favorable results.
  • The black cloth used for puja should be around two meters long, similar to a lungi. It signifies that if the vasar is donated after the puja, the recipient must use it. Donations to individuals will not be made. It should be stressed that only the poor and cattle suffers will be recognized.

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