Shani Trayodashi 2023 Dates and Time Telugu Calendar

See below for Shani Trayodashi 2023 Dates and Time Telugu Calendar, Pooja, and Pariharam dates of Shani Trayodashi. Importance and Pooja Vidhanam.

What is Shani Trayodashi? How Should Do Shani Trayodashi Pooja?

Shani Trayodashi is an important day for Hindus because it honors Lord Shani and Lord Shiva. For Pradosham Vrat, the day is set to when Trayodashi Tithi falls during Pradosha Kala, which starts after sunset. When Trayodashi Tithi and Pradosha time meet after sunset, it is a good time for Shiva Puja. On this day, people pray to Lord Shiva and fast for a whole day to ask for his blessings.

Trayodashi Tithi is the name of the 13th day of the Hindu calendar. Shani Trayodasi or Shani Pradosh is the name for a Trayodashi that falls on a Saturday. People call Shani dev “Lord of Saturday.” It is a very good day to do a puja, yagna, or Tailabhishekam to Lord Shani with gingelly oil.

Lord Surya Bhagavan and Chaya gave birth to Lord Shani dev. Chayaputra is another name for Shani. Lord Shani is represented by the planet Saturn, and his followers believe that he can get rid of problems.

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Shani Trayodashi 2023 Dates and Time Telugu Calendar

  • 18 February 2023
  • 4 March 2023
  • 1 July 2023

Shani trayodashi, Lord Shani owns this day, and people who are suffering from the bad effects of Saturn/Shani can find comfort in praying to him. Today is a very lucky day, and praying to God on this lucky day is thought to be very helpful. Because lord Shani controls the tithi, star, week, and month, and because it falls on a Saturday, it is called Shani trayodashi. People who are going through ardashtama Shani or asthma Shani will take steps to counteract the bad effects of Shani.

How should Shani Trayodashi be celebrated?

  • The Sanusha Kalam (also called Shani hora) is between 6:30 and 7:30, not between 5:30 and 6:30. If you do Rudra Abhishekam at this time, you’ll get more out of it.
  • “Pradosha time,” which is between 5:30 and 6:30 at night, is a good time to light a Diya with sesame oil to get a lot of good things out of it.
  • Have to wash their heads before dawn.
  • recite the Shani mantra
  • To please Shani Dev, people should fast.
  • People should do thailabhishekam as a part of the Shani trayodashi pooja.
  • To please Shani Dev, tie some black grams, 100 gms ginger oil packets, 1kg of coal, a small black ribbon, 8 iron nails, and some navadhanyams together and give it to the temple.
  • Priest or put it in a stream or river.
  • Give food to the crow and feed the person who is hungry.
  • This Saturday is not a good day to buy oil, an umbrella, leather, navadhanyams, etc.


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