Sholingur Anjaneyar Temple’s Contact Number

Sholingur Anjaneyar Temple is one of the famous Hanuman Temples in India. This is located in the Vellore District of Tamilnadu. It is in the hill range of Sholingur. Hanuman status here is said to be Precious and more sacred as the History of the Temple is Holy. Sholingur Anjaneyar Temple’s Contact Number is given below. 

Information about Sholingur Anjaneya Temple:

After Rama Avataram, Lord Hanuman decides to Join Rama at Vaikuntam. Then Rama asked Anjaneya to go to the Hills of Sholingur and to protect Rishis from the demon Asuras and support them. To Accomplish this task Anjaneya came to Earth and fought against Asuras with Couch as well as Chakra which was given by Rama and Defeated them.

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There are three separate holy places, devoted to divine beings, Bhaktavatsala, Narsimha, Perumal, and Hanuman every one of them is situated on the bigger slope, at the foundation of the bigger slope, and on the more modest slope individually.

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This temple was then developed in 18 and 19 Centuries and it is generally called Yoga Anjaneya Temple and Divya Kavi Pillai Perumal Aiyangar. To reach the temple from the bottom one has to climb around 100 Steps up to the HIll. The Vigraham of Hanuman is in a sitting position with the Chakra given by Lord Rama. The mountain is about 200 feet and the status is with Sangu (Couch) facing West facing. Anjaneya here is called Yoga Hanuman.

Sholingur Anjaneyar Temple’s Contact Number :

To know more details about Sholingur Anjaneya Temple one can contact them with the Following Numbers via Phone Call. Scroll down to view Sholingur Anjaneyar Temple’s Contact Number.

Phone Number – +91 94459 66661

Land Line  –  044-22673421

The town of Sholingur was mostly the People of Shivities and Follows their Culture and Traditions of them. One must visit this temple once in their Life Time as it is much auspicious for Hindus

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