Sri Ramanavami Pooja Vidhanam


According to Puranas, Lord Sri Rama was born in tretha yugam, Vasantha ruthu Chaitra Suddha Navami Thursday in Punarvasu nakshatram karkataka lagnam. Abhijeet muhurtham i.e. 12 Noon. Sri Rama Navami is celebrated on this day. Every village in India has ramalayam. Sri Rama Navami generally comes in March or April months. Sri Rama Navami is celebrated in a grand manner all over India. It is believed that if one performs Sri Sita Rama kalyanam, then their wishes get fulfilled on Sri Rama Navami. Sri Ramanavami pooja vidhanam is incomplete without panakam and vadapappu. 

Importance and significance of sri ramanavami


  • On the day of Sri Rama Navami, people wake up early in the morning and do a head bath.
  • Decorate the house with Rangolis and thoranams.
  • They have to wear yellow colored clothes.
  • They have to clean the house and decorate the pooja room.
  • The pooja has to be done at 12 Noon.
  • They can use photo of Lord Sri Rama alone or a Sitaramalakshmana sametha photo.
  • They have to light up bronze lamps with 5 wicks in it
  • For pooja Jasmine, Lotus flowers are used.
  • For naivedhyam Lord Rama’s favorite items Panakam, Vadapappu. Fruits are used.
  • During pooja time one should chant Srirama astotharam, Sri ramaraksha stotram, Sriramastakam, srirama sahasram, slokas from srimadramayanam.
  • In the evening they should visit their nearest ramalayam and pray to Lord Rama.

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Srirama astotharam in telugu


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