Sri Vadakkunnathan Shiva Temple Vazhipadu Online Booking

See below for the Sri Vadakkunnathan Shiva Temple Vazhipadu Online Booking, Pooja Details, Seva Details, Darshan Timings, Phone Number, and Location details Here.

Vadakkunnathan Temple is tyhe one of the old and most significant temples in Tamilnadu at the place of Vazhipadu. In this temple, Lord Shiva is in the form of Sri Vadakkunnathan Swamy. The Vadakkunnathan Temple is regarded as one of the most significant and active religious sites in the whole state of Kerala. The Vadakkunnathan temple draws tens of thousands of visitors on a yearly basis for the ceremony known as “Darshan.” Let’s see below for the Sri Vadakkunnathan Shiva Temple Vazhipadu Online Booking and details.

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Sri Vadakkunnathan Shiva Temple Vazhipadu Online Booking and History:

The Vadakkunnathan, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, resides at the temple as his dwelling place. Every day, there would be lakhs of pilgrims who come to see the temple. Pilgrims will go to the Vadakkunnathan temple not only to experience the Vadakkunnathan Darshan but also to participate in the Offering that takes place inside the temple. The contributions made to the Vadakkunnathan temple are referred to as the Vazhipadu. The temple has an online booking option for the Vazhipadu, which the pilgrims may use.

The Vazhipadu may be performed at the temple by the pilgrims depending on when they begin their journey. The Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple Can Be Visited Online and the Vazhipadu Booking Fee Is Payable In Trissur. The management of the Vadakkunnathan temple have made it possible for pilgrims to make reservations for the Vazhipadu of the temple either online or offline. This is done for the benefit of the visitors. Pilgrims may visit the website of the Vadakkunnathan temple in order to make an online reservation for the Vazhipadu at the temple. On the website, they can also make reservations for the Darshan and the offering.

Sri Vadakkunnathan Shiva Temple Vazhipadu Online Booking Procedure:

  • The pilgrims are required to first register themselves on the website of the temple by providing either their email id or their phone number.
  • The pilgrims may make reservations on the website by entering their phone number and the OTP that is sent to them.
  • After the pilgrim has registered themselves on the internet, they will be able to simply schedule a spot for the Vazhipadu on the website for the temple.
  • The travelers must first choose which star they would follow and then make reservations for the Vazhipadu.
  • The pilgrims may first choose the day of the Vazhipadu ceremony at the temple, and then they can choose the specifics of the ceremony.
  • When this is finished, it will be much simpler for pilgrims to pay for the temple via the online system.
  • The completion of this step brought an end to the Online Booking process for the Vazhipadu at the Vadakkunnathan temple.

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