Sri Venkateswara Museum Tirumala Timings

S.V museum is the hall of antiques that was established in 1980 in a thousand pillar mandapam which is opposite the main shrine Tirumala. Now SV museum is located in a sprawling building with an area of 1.25 lakh sq. ft which is opposite to Vaikunta queue complex and this museum is surrounded by beautiful gardens and it is rejoicing place for the devotees who visits the Tirumala. In this museum it contains more than 6000 items of historical interest things which in date from very early period to the present and this collections are spread over 10 sections. Sri Venkateswara Museum Tirumala Timings are mentioned below.

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In the SV museum Different galleries display its acquisitions, donations and offerings from the past. Vahanams gallery will presents an collection of Sri Vari Vahanams which is used during Brahmotsavams. Original copper plates of Annamayya’s compositions make the attention to the pilgrims. pilgrims can witness the Varahaswamy Copper statue. Lets know about the Sri Venkateswara Museum Tirumala Timings.

Sri Venkateswara Museum Tirumala Timings:

S.V museum will opens from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM. Pilgrims can visits this museum between this timings there are such a beautiful and antiques in this museum.

Sri Venkateswara Museum Tirumala History:

As per history Vijayanagara Emperor Sri Krishnadeva Raya has personally visited the Tirumala seven times and offered tens valuable ornaments which is made of jewels, diamonds, emeralds and pearls. This museum displays Dhupa-Ganta donated by Sri Krishnadeva Raya in Tirumala. we can witness this precious item in this museum.

In This museum stone gallery contains more than 80 wonderful images retrieved from across the region which is from 8th century AD to 19th century AD. Most of these stone sculptures tells us the history of Vaishnavism in this region and the gallery of musical instruments contains a large variety of instruments which is from ages. The picture gallery in the third floor of the muesum displays a very rare pictures of temple and ornaments of the lord and some contemporary art represents Srinivasa and Tirumala.

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