Srirangam Temple Dharmasala Timings Rooms Online Booking

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The Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy temple, one of the 108 Lord Vishnu-dedicated temples in Divya Prabandham, is regarded as the most significant. The largest temple complex in India is found in Srirangam, also known as “Temple Island,” which is situated on a sizable island between the Cauvery and Kollidam rivers.

The temple is a popular pilgrimage site and is situated between two rivers. A town-within-a-temple, numerous shrines, and a sizable population are all housed in the entire temple, which is constructed on hectares of land. With daily visits from pilgrims and tourists, Srirangam, the biggest active temple complex in the world, maintains a festive appearance all year long.

Srirangam Temple Dharmasala Timings Rooms Online Booking

According to the steadfast faith of Sri Vaishnavites, Lord Ranganathaswamy is a self-manifestation of Lord Vishnu who resides in Sri Vaikuntam. Lord Brahma had been worshipping Him for a long time and had appointed Surya, the sun god, to continue in his absence.

Since that time, the Sun clan has devoted itself to Lord worship. Lord Sri Ram of the Sun clan worshipped the deity, and after the war with Ravan to rescue his wife Sita, Lord Ram presented the idol of Lord Ranganathar to Vibishana in recognition of his loyalty and services. On his way back to Sri Lanka, he set the idol down to rest, and when he tried to lift it again, it would not budge.

Festivals-During the months of November and December, the temple hosts a massive Vaikunta Ekathasi celebration attended by thousands of devotees from all over the country. The sight of Lord Vishnu emerging from the Doors of Heaven in a magnificently decorated form is breathtaking. Srirangam is a pilgrimage destination where you can witness and participate in festivals all year.

Srirangam Temple Dharmasala Timings Rooms Online Booking

  • Accommodation near the Srirangam Temple Booking
  • The room will be available for 24 hours after check-in.
  • The room will not be assigned to a single individual.
  • A one-day room rent is required to be paid in advance at the time of room assignment.
  • A photo ID is required at the time of room assignment.
  • The room will be assigned to the person who made the reservation. There is no option for person transfer.
  • There is no cancellation, preponement, or postponement of reservations.
  • Dormitory reservations for a single person are not permitted.
  • An e-ticket printout is required for room assignment.
  • Room extension is dependent on availability.
  • The room can be reserved up to 90 days in advance. Accommodation can be reserved three days in advance.

Online booking for Srirangam Temple accommodation costs

  • Ac Double Bed Rs.750 – 2 Adults
  • Cottage for 2 Adults Rs.1750 – 4 adults
  • Dormitory 8 Bed Rs.800 – 8 adults
  • Dormitory 11 beds Rs.1100 – 11 people
  • 12 Bed Dormitory Rs.1200 – 12 people
  • Dormitory 13 Bed Rs.1300 – 13 people
  • Dormitory 14 Bed Rs.1400 – 14 people
  • Rs.500 for a non-AC double bed – 2 adults

Temple Hours – The temple is open for worship from morning 6.15 to afternoon 1 and from afternoon 2 to evening 9

The Dress Code – Because the temple attracts devotees from all over the country and the world throughout the year, a decent dress code that does not interfere with temple customs can be followed.

How To Go, Srirangam Temple

  • By Air:  This temple is 7 kilometers from Tiruchirapalli. Tiruchirapalli has excellent connectivity throughout India.
  • By Train: There are direct trains to Tiruchirapalli from all parts of India.
  • By Road: Tiruchirapalli City Bus Station serves the entire state of Tamil Nadu as well as neighboring states Kerala and Karnataka.

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