Srisailam Temple Abhishekam

Srisailam Temple Abhishekam tickets online booking Procedure:

Srisailam Temple Abhishekam, Srisailam is a Hindu temple. Srisailam is dedicated to lord shiva and Parvati. The temple is located in Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh, India. it’s significant to the Hindu sects of both Shaivism and Shaktism as this temple is known as one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Shiva and as one of the eighteen Shakti Peethas, centers of the Hindu Goddess. Lord Shiva is worshiped as Mallikarjuna and is represented by the lingam. His consort Parvati is represented as Bhramaramba. Now we look at Srisailam Temple Abhishekam.

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Srisailam Temple Abhishekam:

Abhishekams are performed in Garbhalayam. Abhishekam Sevadars Should wear Sampradaya Vasthrams. Best a pair or an unmarried person is allowed to carry out Abhishekam with a ticket. youngsters over 10 years are allowed with their mother and father. other relatives and pals are not allowed with the sevadars of the Abhishekam price ticket holders.. those relatives and friends must take a price ticket of Rs.three hundred /- every to go into the temple just to have Darshanam and not carry out Abhishekam Seva.

Srisailam Temple Abhishekam Timings:

  • Abhishekam in Garbalayam  –  Ticket Cost: Rs.5000
  • Abhishekam Timings: 4:30 am, 5:30 am, 6:30 am, 7:30 am, 8:30 am, 9:30 am, 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm, 4:30 pm, 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:00 pm
  • Abhishekam for Single – Ticket Cost: Rs.750 | Timings: 5:30, 8:30, 12:30PM, 18:30
  • Abhishekam in Kalyana Mandapam – Ticket Cost Rs.1500|Timings: 5:30, 8:30, 12:30PM, 18:30

Srisailam Temple Abhishekam Tickets online booking system and dress code:

  1. Abhishekam tickets can be booked online.
  2. The ticket Costs Rs.1500 for a couple.
  3. This pooja will be performed as one or as one or two.
  4. Tickets will be set-aside sixty days earlier.
  5. Tickets are non-transferable.

Dress code for abhishekam:

  • Men: White Pancha or breechcloth with the upper fabric
  • female: sari with blouse/ Punjabi get dressed with Dupatta / Chudidhar with Dupatta/ half sari

Note: Men are allowed to perform Abhishekam with Normal pants as well. Men have to remove Shirt and Banian (Men’s innerwear) during Abhishekam

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