Tamil Ani Masam 2023 Stating Ending Dates Puja Tithi

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Tamil In Tamil Nadu, the month of Ani Masam, which is also known as the month of Ani in the Tamil calendar, is considered to be of major cultural and religious importance. According to the Gregorian calendar, the middle of the month can range anywhere from the middle of June to the middle of July. In Tamil Nadu, the conclusion of the summer season and the start of the monsoon season are both denoted by the celebration of Ani Masam. In this essay, we shall investigate the meaning behind Ani Masam as well as the different celebrations and rites that are connected to it.

In the Tamil calendar, the month of Ani is regarded as a particularly fortunate month, and many people the belief that it will bring them financial success and other forms of good fortune. The month is connected with the property of water, which stands for fertility, abundance, and cleanliness. Ani Masam is also referred to as Aani Uthiram and Aani Thirumanjanam, both of which translate to “the holy bath performed during the month of Aani.”

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Tamil Ani Masam 2023 Stating Ending Dates Puja Tithi and Importance:

The Aani Thirumanjanam festival is one of the most important activities that take place during the Ani Masam holiday. During this event, the holy water is used to perform a ceremony that cleanses the idols of the deity as well as the premises of the temple. It is thought that holding this festival in a temple will rid it of all harmful energy and uncleanliness, hence nearly all of Tamil Nadu’s most important religious buildings participate in the event.

The Vaikasi Visakam festival is yet another prominent event that takes place during the Ani Masam celebration. This celebration is held in honor of Lord Muruga, who is revered in Tamil culture as the god of victorious battles and warriors. The celebration is held on the day that the Visakam star is supposed to have appeared in the sky, which often occurs during the month of Ani. Prayers are offered up to Lord Muruga by devotees who are looking for his blessings in the areas of bravery, success, and wealth.

Every year Tamil Ani Masam starts between mid-June and ends at Mid July. This Year also, Ani Masam Starts on the 15th of June and Ends on the 16th of July

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Tamil Ani Masam 2023 Stating Ending Dates Puja Tithi and Significance:

Ani Masam is also connected to the celebration of the Tamil New Year, in addition to these other holidays. Puthandu, which is another name for the Tamil New Year, occurs on the first day of the Tamil month of Chithirai, which often falls somewhere in the middle of the month of April. Notwithstanding this, the Tamil New Year is observed by some communities in Tamil Nadu throughout the month of Ani Masam. The New Year is welcomed with great zeal and is marked by the performance of customary rites, the hosting of festive meals, and the sharing of presents.

Ani Masam is connected with a variety of rites and customs that have been carried on from generation to generation, in addition to the celebrations that are held in its name. One such ritual is known as the Padi Pooja, and it is carried out during the month of Ani in temples located all around the state of Tamil Nadu.

During the Padi Pooja, worshippers will offer prayers on the steps that lead up to the holiest of holies within the temple. Padi Pooja is performed in order to seek the deity’s blessings and guidance on the way to self-realization, which is thought to be represented by the steps. Padi Pooja is performed on the stairs.

The Ganga Pooja is yet another significant ceremony that is connected with the Ani Masam. During this ceremony, prayers are offered to the River Ganges, which is revered throughout India as the holiest river in the country. Many have a strong religious conviction that it is particularly fortunate to bathe in the Ganges on the day of Ani Masam.

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