Telangana Bathukamma Festival Telugu 09 Days Pooja Vidhanam

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Bathukamma festival in the Telugu States:

Bathukamma is a vivid and colorful celebration in Telangana that is celebrated by ladies with flowers native to each district. This celebration represents the cultural uniqueness of Telangana. Bathukamma arrives in the second half of the monsoon, before the advent of winter. The monsoon rains typically bring an abundance of water to the freshwater ponds of Telangana, and it is also the time when wildflowers blossom in a rainbow of hues throughout the region’s uncultivated and desolate plains. “gunuka poolu” and “tangedu poolu” are the most abundant of these. There are further flowers, such as the banti, chemanti, and Nandi-vardhanam. Bathukamma is celebrated by the women of Telangana, proclaiming the splendor of nature via the brilliant hues of several flowers.

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Telangana Bathukamma Festival Telugu 09 Days Pooja Vidhanam

The event begins a week prior to the magnificent ‘Saddula Batukamma,’ which occurs two days prior to Dussehra. The women typically return from their husbands’ homes to their parents’ residences to celebrate the hues of flowers while breathing in the fresh air of independence.

  • They construct little ‘Batukammas’ for a full week, play around them every evening, and then immerse them in a neighboring water pond.
  • On the final day, the males of the household venture into the untamed plains to collect flowers such as gunuka and tangedi.
  • They bring home large quantities of these flowers, and the entire family gathers to prepare the Batukamma.
  • The flowers are meticulously placed in circular rows of alternating hues on a brass plate (called taambalam).
  • As dusk comes, the ladies of the village don their most vibrant apparel, adorn themselves with numerous trinkets, and arrange the Batukamma in their courtyard. In addition, the women in the neighborhood form a huge circle around it.
  • They begin singing continually around the circle, creating a magnificent human circle of unity, love, and sisterhood.
  • After playing in circles around the “Batukammalu” prior to dusk, women carry them on their heads in a parade toward a larger body of water near the hamlet or town.
  • The procession is extraordinarily colorful due to the women’s attire and the “Batukammalu.”
  • Throughout the parade, choruses of folk songs are sung, making the streets resonate with their sound.
  • After further singing and playing, the Batukammalu are gently submerged in the water when they approach the pond.
  • The’maleeda’ (a dessert made with sugar or raw sugar and cornbread) sweets are then distributed among family members and neighbors.
  • They return home with empty ‘taambaalam’ containers while singing praises to Batukamma. Throughout the week, the songs of Batukamma reverberate throughout the streets until late at night.


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