Thiruvalla Sree Vallabha Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

Know the details about Thiruvalla Sree Vallabha Temple Opening Closing Timings Today, Thiruvalla Sri Vallabha Temple timings today, and Thiruvalla Sri Vallabha Temple location map guide

The Sree Vallabha Temple may be found at Thiruvalla, which is situated in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. It is a temple that is 400 years old and is located on the banks of the River Manimala. Within the sanctum sanctorum, there is a stunning idol of Sree Vallabha that is eight feet tall. See below to get the details about Thiruvalla Sree Vallabha Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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Thiruvalla Sree Vallabha Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

During the building of the temple, a beautiful architectural style was used. Not only does the temple have a tower that is two floors tall, but it also has compound walls made of red granite that are twelve feet tall and surround it on all sides. According to the legend, the Lord’s Bhoothagana completed the construction of this enormous wall in a single night. In the year 57 B.C., this wall was successfully erected.

Additionally, there is a huge pond that is 1.5 acres in size and has a copper flagstaff on the southern side of the pond. This is in addition to the mentioned fact. One can discover the position of the kshetra palan, also referred to as the temple guard, in this particular area, which is directly in front of the shrine dedicated to Ganapathy. This particular temple guard needs to be erected in every temple on the northern side.

Thiruvalla Sree Vallabha Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

What are the opening and closing timings of the Thiruvalla Sree Vallabha Temple?

Thiruvalla Sree Vallabha Temple opens in the morning at 4:30 Am and closes at 8:30 PM.

There are sub-shrines that are devoted to Ayyapa, Karuppaya Swamy, and other deities that are located in close proximity to the Thiruvalla temple. The image of the idol that is fastened to the pillar may be described as that of a human figure, complete with beaks, wings that are stretched out, and hands that are bent.

It is stated that the idol of the Garuda was set on the pillars around one thousand years ago, according to a story. Shackles were employed to keep it in place since it was ready to take off. This was done because it was ready to take off. Following a period of two years during which the idol of Sree Vallabha was dedicated, it was at that point that it was built.

Thiruvalla Sree Vallabha Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

At the end of the Dwapara Yuga, Viswakarma completed the sculpture of the idol of Maha Vishnu, which is also referred to as Sree Vallabha. Lord Krishna had requested that Viswakarma create this idol. This idol was subsequently given to Satyaki as a last gift.

Upon the close of the Dwapara Yuga, the Lord made a request to Garuda, requesting that he keep the idol in a safe place of his own choice. It was something that Garuda kept in mind, and he positioned it in the Netravati River, which is a river that flows from Karnataka to Kerala.

The royal consort of Cheraman Perumal, who was the king of Kerala at the time, had a dream in which the idol of Krishna was lying someplace on the bank of the Netravati river. This dream occurred after some time had passed. Each and every effort that could possibly be made was undertaken in an endeavor to find the idol.




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