Tirumala Ghat Road Sri Bedi Hanuman Temple Location Timings

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The vast majority of the annual visitors to the Tirumala Tirupathi Temple, which number in the millions, swear to make the pilgrimage up and down the Seven Hills of Tirumala. Pada yatra is a dangerous pilgrimage through the lush, vibrant woods of the Tirumala highlands.

Many believers choose this kind of worship on purpose so that they may gain favor with the Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara. Each and every one of these believers are convinced that “. It is auspicious to walk through these sacred seven hills of Seshadri, Neeladri, Garudadri, Anjanadri, Vrishabhadri, Narayanadri, and Venkatadri before having the darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara.”

Tirumala Ghat Road Sri Bedi Hanuman Temple Location Timings

There’s some truth to this since the Holy Lord clearly enjoys seeing His adherents work so hard to get a glimpse of Him. The Akhanda Jyoti big stand and the famed Bedi Hanuman temple (also called the Bedi Anjaneya temple) are situated only a few meters apart, just in front of the Mahadwaaram of the Srivari Temple.

Finally. Pilgrims fulfill their promise to themselves at the conclusion of their pada yatra by paying homage to Bedi Hanuman and the Akhandam at this ancient temple.PERIOD

However, there is an intriguing tale behind this Hanuman Temple that explains why Lord Hanuman, the Temple’s presiding deity, is known as Bedi Hanuman here.

The Tirumala Hills are sacred, as told by folklore:

Anjana Devi’s son, the young Hanuman (Bala Hanuman), decided to leave the Tirumala Hills and set out in quest of a camel one day during their stay there. As a protective measure, Anjana Devi had cuffed her son’s hands together (using Bedi) and told him to wait there till she returned.

Bala Hanuman very respectfully shook his head and assured his mother that he would remain at her side till she returned. Anjana Devi eventually left the Tirumala Hills and relocated to the Himalayas, leaving Hanuman behind.

After that, for unexplained reasons, Anjana Devi permanently relocated to the area around the Akash Ganga in the Himalayas, and she never returned to the Tirumala Hills. According to mythology, Bala Hanuman is still waiting for His mother’s homecoming from the Himalayas by standing atop the Tirumala Hills in front of the sacred Mahadwaaram of the Tirumala Temple.

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Tirumala Ghat Road Sri Bedi Hanuman Temple Location Timings

  • Bala Hanuman was one of Lord Sri Venkateswara’s most devoted followers, and the Lord never forgot him.
  • Lord Sri Venkateswara saw his devoted student standing alone in front of the temple and gave orders for the priests to feed and care for Bala Hanuman promptly every day until his mother returned.
  • This is why, in addition to offering neivedyam to Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara and Varahaswamy every day, devotees also bring some of the same food to this temple to give to Lord Hanuman.
  • It is also pious to pay homage to Bala Hanuman at this temple after completing the pada yatra in order to thank Him for providing us with the fortitude to climb the seven hills and to ask for His grace. Many worshippers come here to praise Bala Hanuman for his assistance in these matters.
  • The Srivari Temple’s Akhanda Jyothi, also known as “AKHILANDAM,” is an eternal oil light kept blazing in front of the temple’s Mahadwaaram. Many devotees stop at Akhilandam at the conclusion of their pada yatra to break a coconut, burn some camphor, and bless themselves.

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