Tirumala Shakti Katari Theertham Open Close Timings Location

See below for the Tirumala Shakti Katari Theertham Open Close Timings Location, Route Map, How to Reach, History, Darshan Details, and More.

Discovering the Divine: Tirumala Shakti Katari Theertham

Nestled amidst the verdant hills of Tirumala, the Shakti Katari Theertham is a sacred waterbody that beckons pilgrims with its tranquil beauty and spiritual ambiance. A significant part of the Tirumala experience, this theertham holds a special place in the hearts of devotees who seek solace and divine blessings. This comprehensive guide explores the Tirumala Shakti Katari Theertham Open Close Timings Location, route map, accessibility, historical significance, darshan details, and more to help you plan your pilgrimage effectively.

Tirumala Shakti Katari Theertham Open Close Timings Location

The Shakti Katari Theertham is located within the lush forests of the Seshachalam Hills, part of the larger Tirumala Venkateswara Temple complex, in Andhra Pradesh, India. It’s situated away from the main temple, offering a serene and less crowded atmosphere for meditation and prayer.

Route Map and How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport is in Tirupati, after which pilgrims can take a taxi or bus to reach Tirumala and then follow the footpath or take a vehicle towards the theertham.

By Train: Pilgrims arriving by train can disembark at the Tirupati Railway Station. From there, buses and taxis are readily available to take you to Tirumala.

By Road: Buses and private vehicles from various parts of Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states have direct access to Tirumala. Once there, signages and local maps will guide you towards the theertham.

Historical Significance

Legend has it that the Shakti Katari Theertham was created by Lord Vishnu himself, as a manifestation of his divine energy or ‘Shakti’. It is believed that a bath in these holy waters can cleanse the soul and bring about spiritual renewal. Over centuries, this belief has drawn countless pilgrims to its serene waters, seeking blessings and enlightenment.

Open-Close Timings

The Shakti Katari Theertham is open to pilgrims from sunrise to sunset. These timings may slightly vary depending on the season and specific religious occasions or festivals. It’s advisable to check current timings with local authorities or the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) office before planning your visit.

Darshan Details

Darshan at Shakti Katari Theertham doesn’t follow the conventional temple visit protocol. Instead, it offers a spiritual experience amid nature, with the opportunity for personal meditation and prayers. There’s no ticket system, but visitors are expected to maintain decorum and preserve the cleanliness of the sacred site.

Step-by-Step Guide for Pilgrims

  1. Preparation: Before heading to Tirumala, make sure to familiarize yourself with the location and timings of Shakti Katari Theertham. Plan your attire and carry essentials like water and a small offering, if you wish.

  2. Reaching Tirumala: Depending on your starting point, choose the most convenient mode of transportation – air, rail, or road. Upon reaching Tirumala, rest if needed, as the trek to the theertham involves a bit of walking through nature.

  3. Journey to the Theertham: Start early to avoid the heat and crowd. Follow the signages or local guidance to reach the theertham. The path might be rugged, so wear comfortable walking shoes.

  4. At the Theertham: Engage in prayer or meditate by the water. It’s a time for personal reflection and connection with the divine. You can also participate in any community services or clean-up initiatives if available.

  5. Return Journey: After spending time at the theertham, make your way back to the main temple area or your accommodation. Keep the surroundings clean and dispose of any waste properly.


Q. Is there any fee to visit Shakti Katari Theertham? A. No, visiting the Shakti Katari Theertham is free of charge. It’s a natural site meant for spiritual reflection.

Q. Are there guides available to lead to Shakti Katari Theertham? A. While official guides may not always be available, local devotees or temple staff can provide directions. It’s also advisable to travel in groups or with someone who knows the route.

Q. Can we take a dip in the theertham? A. Yes, pilgrims often take a sacred bath in the waters of Shakti Katari Theertham. However, it’s important to maintain sanctity and cleanliness.

Q. What is the best time to visit? A. The post-monsoon period (October to February) is ideal, as the weather is pleasant and the theertham is likely to have ample water.


The Shakti Katari Theertham is more than just a destination; it’s a spiritual journey enveloped in nature’s serenity. It offers a unique blend of divinity and natural beauty, making it a must-visit for those seeking peace and spiritual rejuvenation. Remember, the essence of visiting such sacred sites lies in the humility and reverence we bring to the experience.

Prepare your heart as you step into this divine sanctuary, and may the tranquility of Shakti Katari Theertham enrich your soul. This is the brief information about the Tirumala Shakti Katari Theertham Open Close Timings Location in detail.

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