Tirumala Teppotasavam 2023 Darshan Tickets Online Booking Price

See below for the Tirumala Teppotasavam 2023 Darshan Tickets Online Booking Price, Tirumala Teppotasavam 2023 Dates, Darshan Tickets Price, And Booking Process Here.

The Tirumala temple is all set for the next celebration. On Surya Jayanthi, Govindu who did not pass the threshold would feasted with Teppotsavam as part of the celebration. Beginning on Sunday, the Tirumala Srivari Salakatla Theppotsavam will continue for a total of five days. Officials from the TTD are now making preparations for the Srivari Salakatla Theppotsavam, which begins on the Ekadashi of the month of Phalguna and lasts for five days. This event is celebrated annually.

In commemoration of the Teppotsavam, Srivari Pushkarini has also been exquisitely decked up in decorations. Because of Tepotsavam, TTD has decided to cancel a large number of services for the next five days. Agama Pandits conduct Nitya, Vara, Paksha, Masa, Nakshatra, and Salakatla festivals for Sri Venkateswara which is measured in Kaliyuga Vaikuntha. Because of this, the Nitya Kalyanam at the Tirumala temple is a dazzling shade of green. Because Srinivasa enjoys putting on shows of pomp and circumstance and hosting celebrations, the temple celebrates a new holiday on a daily basis.

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Tirumala Teppotasavam 2023 Darshan Tickets Online Booking Price and Utsavam Process:

In accordance with the teachings of Agama Shastra, the annual Tepotsavams are offered to the Lord at the beginning of the summer season. Pushkarini, which can be found to the northeast of the Srivari temple, is where the annual Srivari Thepotsavams are held. The Nirali Mandapam or Nirata Mandapam was constructed in their Pushkarani by Saluva Narasimharayu Swami in the 15th century. During the raft festivals, Malayappa Swami spends five days paddling a raft in a circle around the Nirali Mandapam or Nirata Mandapam.

  • On the first day of the five-day rafting festival that began on the Ekadashi day of the Phalguna month and ended on the full moon day, Sri Venkateswara, who represents the Treta Yuga, took the form of Sri Rama, traveled through the streets of Mada, and arrived in Pushkarini. There, he received three pradakshans while riding on the rafts.
  • On the second day, which represents the Dwapara Yuga, it is said that an avatar of Lord Krishna is seen riding on rafts.
  • On the third day, Bhudevi, Sridevi, and Sridevi, together with Sri Malayappa Swamy, who is a symbol of the Kali Yuga, would ride on the rafts. Sri Malayappa Swamy.
  • And on the fourth day, Malayappaswamy makes a total of five appearances while walking on the rafts.
  • In the end, on the fifth day, Swami goes on rafts with seven pradakshans till they get to Pushkarani, where they encounter Ashesha Bhaktajana.

The TTD has finished making all of the necessary preparations in order to commemorate the annual Tepotsavam of Srivari. At Srivari Pushkarini, TTD engineering experts put rafts through a trial run and assessed any problems they encountered along the way. The accomplishment of the trail run was met with pleasure by the officials. This time, the mandap that was placed on the rafters was adorned in a very attractive manner. During the five days of the raft festival, the TTD Horticulture Department will be in charge of making sure that the raft looks absolutely stunning by adorning it with a wide variety of various kinds of flowers.

Tirumala Teppotasavam 2023 Dates:

This year Tirumala Teppotsavam starts on Phalguna Shudda Ekadashi 02nd March 2023 and Ends on Phalguna Pournima 06 March 2023 Monday.

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Tirumala Teppotasavam 2023 Darshan Tickets Online Booking Price And Process:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and go to TTD’s official website
  • Select the Seva option and select the Srivari seva Tirumala option
  • Go to the drop-down list and Select the Srivari Tepotsavam option
  • Select the date of the Tirumala visit on the teppotsavam dates
  • If the quota is available, then the dates will be in green color and allow you to book the darshan or seva
  • Enter the details with the identification card
  • Do payment after selection of dates and take print of ticket copy
  • Visit Tirumala on Teppotsavam day with a ticket and aadhar card
  • Have darshan of Malayappa on Teppa and enjoy
  • TTD offers special darshan and prasadam for the theppotsava seva

This is the complete information about Tirumala Teppotasavam 2023 Darshan Tickets Online Booking Price and Tirumala Teppotasavam 2023 Dates.


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