Tirumala TTD Alipiri Free Luggage Counter Timings

See below for the latest information about Tirumala TTD Alipiri Free Luggage Counter Timings, Alipiri Luggage point Timings, and Tirupati Alipiri Steps Luggage counters details.

TTD Provides free service to devotees of Lord Venkateswara. In the part, TTD offers free Luggage or baggage counters at Tirumala & Tirupati. Pilgrims who are traveling to Tirumala by Footpath way Then can drop their Luggage at the Alipiri Luggage Point and TTD Luggage or Baggage Carry vehicles, take over that pilgrims Luggage to Tirumala by Road Way. TTD could be doing a number of centers for the pilgrims who could be traveling the temple of Tirumala each day. For the consolation of the pilgrims who stroll to Tirumala the TTD has organized an unfastened baggage shipping carrier for the pilgrims.

To keep away from this soreness for the pilgrims, the TTD has organized a Free shipping carrier for the pilgrims who could be on foot to Tirumala temple with the aid of using a stroll. The pilgrims have to comply with the guidelines and policies for the carrier to get the baggage to Tirumala.

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Tirumala TTD Alipiri Free Luggage Counter Timings

On the Alipiri footpath, Devotees can be allowed from 04 AM to 10 PM daily. Also, The free Luggage Shipping Vehicle is available every 01 hr.

  • After attaining the alipiri the pilgrims can visit the Alipiri Luggage deposit counters that are to be had close to the on-foot direction in Tirupati.
  • The pilgrims need to be aware and careful with their baggage by the use of the locks. Only absolutely packed baggage luggage is allowed. The luggage which isn’t nicely packed isn’t allowed in Vehical.
  • Pilgrims need to fill withinside the info of the baggage on the baggage counter and need to get the token
  • The pilgrims can then start trekking to Tirumala. And by the point the pilgrims attain Tirumala, the baggage could be introduced the use of the TTD automobile to hold the baggage.
  • The pilgrims need to attain the Luggage shipping counters close to the on-foot finishing direction and might get their baggage.
  • The baggage is absolutely secured and the pilgrims want now no longer fear approximately the protection of the baggage.
  • Valuable objects and additionally the banned objects aren’t allowed via the baggage.
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