Tirumala TTD mobile locker luggage deposit counter online

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All pilgrims visiting Tirumala temple are asked to observe the norms and restrictions established by TTD for the safety of the visitors and the temple. Pilgrims are not permitted to bring any electronic equipment inside the shrine for security concerns. Mobile phones, mobile phone accessories including earphones and portable chargers, cameras, camera lenses, fit bands, and any other electronic equipment are forbidden from being brought inside the Tirumala shrine.

As a result, pilgrims wishing to Darshan to Tirupati Balaji temples must deposit their electronic things at the Depositing booths provided by TTD for free before proceeding to Darshan. The goods may be retrieved from the Collection Centers after the Darshan.

Tirumala TTD mobile locker luggage deposit counter online and Location

Please keep in mind that all electronic devices must be placed at these mobile lockers, and a token will be issued. If you present the token at the Collection Centers after the Darshan, your things will be returned to you.

  1. If your reporting location is Vaikuntam Queue Complex I or II, you may deposit your mobile phones and electrical devices at the luggage deposit desk, which is located directly across from the VQC I. When you deposit the products, you will be given a receipt, which must be shown when the things are delivered.
  2. Rs. 300 Pilgrims taking Special Darshan, Sarva Darshan, or Divya Darshan may leave their possessions at the luggage deposit kiosks located at the reporting places for these Darshan. The luggage collecting point is located near the Sarva Darshan Entrance.

All mobile phones and bags left at the Collection Centers may be picked up at the delivery facility, which is situated at PAC IV, the Old Annadanam building. Wherever you left your baggage before traveling to Darshan, the things will be moved to the Common delivery facility, where pilgrims may pick up their bags. Pilgrims must provide the Receipt that was given at the time of baggage deposit when returning the luggage.

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