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See below for TTD Free Darshan Online Booking Availability, Tirumala Sarva darshanam Online Booking Procedure and Steps, Sarva Darshanam Timings, and Prasadam details here.

The TTD has devised efficient darshan processes in order to handle the vast number of pilgrims that visit Tirumala, as the Sri Venkateswara Temple gets between 60,000 and 80,000 visitors every day.

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The free darshan that occurs as visitors wait in the compartments of Vaikuntam Queue Complex II for their turn to see the Lord is known as Sarva Darshan. Sarvadarshanam translates to “darshan for everyone” Depending on the day of the week, the hours for Sarvadarshanam change.

On typical days, the Sarvadarsanam will be open for 18 hours, but on busy days, it will be open for 20.

This darshan may be reached via the Vaikuntam Queue Complex to begin the procedure. A series of interconnecting corridors finally lead to the main temple of the construction. The orderly passage of pilgrims through the Queuing Complex and toward the main temple is facilitated by an efficient queuing system.

TTD provides a variety of facilities inside the Queue Complex, including the following:

  • Free Annaprasadam is provided to the pilgrims in line to get blessings.
  • At regular intervals of three hours, complimentary milk, coffee, and tea are provided to pilgrims waiting in line.
  • Free access is also provided to the medical facilities.
  • There are sanitary facilities and water purified by a RO system accessible.
  • Closed Circuit Television is a kind of television used to transmit religious programming and music in religious contexts.
  • In around five minutes, all Darshan tickets are purchased. Therefore, please finish the booking process and refrain from refreshing the page while the waiting time is shown.
Here you may reserve Tirumala Sarva darshan tickets

Tirumala Sarva Darshan Ticket Reservation Procedure Online:

  • Visit the website, and then proceed to log in using the provided credentials.
  • Select Online Sarvadarshanam from the menu that displays on the main page of your profile, and then proceed with the booking details.
  • Enter your name, Age, and Aadhar ID number, and choose the gender.
  • If you have saved pilgrims in your profile, you may choose them from the saved pilgrim list.
  • Before locking the choice, you must first review the disclaimer.
  • When selecting the day of your Darshan from the calendar, you will also have the chance to get extra laddus.
  • Enter the number of laddus you want to buy, and then pay using UPI, Internet Banking, or a debit card.
  • Download the Tirumala Free Darshan Token and fulfill all of the conditions specified in TTD covid 19.

Essentials for Tirumala pilgrimage:

  • To access the temple for the darshan ritual, pilgrims are required to produce either a COVID 19 Negative Certificate or a 2nd Dose Vaccination Certificate.
  • Get your Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate as soon as possible if you desire hassle-free temple darshan access.

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