TTD Tirumala Darshan Booking for Central Government Employees

See below for the TTD Tirumala Darshan Booking for Central Government Employees, Tirumala Darshan booking, Darshaan Details, and Procedure here.

Nearly one million people visit the Tirumala temple every day. According to official sources from the TTD, the temple can only let this many visitors see the Lord at Darshan in Tirumala. The visitors will see the Darshan in a number of different ways. For the benefit of visitors, the TTD has set up every possible benefit and every type of Darshan. Pilgrims need to find out which type of Darshan they qualify for and then book the Darshan.

Most of the Darshan that visitors pay for in Tirumala is paid Darshan. Under certain conditions, the temple will make it easy for some special people to get Darshan. Many people who work for the Central Government were asking for the Darshan tickets that are only given to them. And give Central Government Employees a special group when they visit the Tirumala temple so that they can get in faster and also book rooms in Tirumala. Lets see below for the TTD Tirumala Darshan Booking for Central Government Employees in detail.

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TTD Tirumala Darshan Booking for Central Government Employees:

For now, the Central Government Employees in Tirumala don’t have a certain type of Darshan. Like other visitors, those who work for the Central Government must also go to the Darshan. When the tickets are ready, they can book them online. Or, they can come to the temple and book tickets there, like Free Darshan. Right now, the TTD is not giving any special Darshan to people who work for the Central Government. Pilgrims can call TTD customer service to get more information and ask questions about this.

Pilgrims can also look online for information about how to book the Central Government Employees Darshan at the Tirumala temple. If the visitors have a letter of approval, they might get a better spot in the Tirumala Darshan. People who want to see the Darshan can go to the Tirumala JEO Office. Defence personnel from the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force who want to see Lord Venkateswara are given Special Entry Darshan tickets at Tirumala.

The TTD only gives out tickets at Tirumala. For this darshan, you need to book in advance. Tickets will only be given to people who are in service. To get the ticket, you must have an original ID card from the right authority. After the papers are checked, you’ll be able to buy a Rs.300 ticket at the desk.

TTD Tirumala Darshan Booking for Central Government Employees and Procedure:

  • Defence personnel visitors must first show up at the Special viewing centre in Tirumala.
  • At the counter, you have to fill out a form with your name and ID number.
  • The TTD employee will need to see a properly filled out form and the real ID card.
  • After making sure everything is okay, the TTD official gives his approval.
  • Later, you’ll be able to go inside the Special darshan building, where you’ll have to buy a Special darshan ticket.
  • When and where to meet at Tirumala for the Defence Personnel Darshan
  • Time to show up: 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Special Darshan Queue Complex (ATC Circle) is where you need to be.
  • The price of each ticket is Rs.300.
  • Documents that are needed for this darshan.
  • Original ID card from the government.
  • Instructions for the Defence Personal Darshan:
  • Only people who are currently serving in the military can meet the criteria for this darshan.
  • The same goes for family members with dependent cards.
  • Kids under 12 can get in for free.
  • Grandparents and other family members or friends will not be able to come to this darshan.
  • This darshan cannot be booked ahead of time.
  • Cost of the ticket is Rs.300.
  • Original proof of identity papers must be shown at the door.

“This is the details about TTD Tirumala Darshan Booking for Central Government Employees and Information in brief”


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