TTD Tirumala Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam Dates and Timings

See below for TTD Tirumala Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam Dates and Timings, Tirumala Temple Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam Dates and Timings here.

Koil Alwar literally means “Holy Shrine.” Alwar translates as “Devotee.” Tirumanjanam translates directly as “Cleaning with Fragrant Ingredients.” Devotees execute the Koil Tirumanjanam ritual to wash the sanctum santorum and the rest of the temple premises. During the ceremony, all deities and other artifacts are taken from the sanctum santorum and cleaned, while the “Mula Virat” is covered with a waterproof covering.

The entire Garbha Gruham is washed with water, including the floors, ceilings, and walls, as well as the sub-shrines located within the sanctum and the puja articles, and then a disinfectant called Tirumanjanam, a mixture of camphor, sandal paste, saffron, turmeric, Kicchili Gadda (a root vegetable), and other ingredients, is smeared all over the area.

The covering that had been placed over the chief deity is then removed, and the gods, deepam, and other things are returned inside. Following that, specialized pujas and naivedyams are offered to the god who is currently present.

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TTD Tirumala Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam Dates and Timings

  • This ceremony is performed four times a year, namely before Ugadi, Anivara Asthanam, Vaikunta Ekadasi, and the Annual Brahmotsavams. It is carried out in strict conformity with the agamas.
  • Timings for Thirumanjanam Seva: 6 a.m. to 9.00 a.m.
  • Seva Day is observed on the Tuesday preceding the festival date.
  • The TTD crew is in charge of organizing this event in Ekantham. Darshan will come to a halt during this period.

Process of TTD Tirumala Temple Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam:

  • A scented concoction known as Parimalam will be sprayed all over the temple and sub-temples within the Tirumala temple.
  • The temple, as well as the puja utensils, roofing, walls, and ceilings, will be cleaned. This concoction acts as a disinfectant, and the celebration will take place between the hours of 6 and 9 a.m.
  • While the cleansing procedure is being carried out, a white veil will be draped over the Mula Murthi.
  • After the temple has been thoroughly cleaned, the veil is removed, and the Archakas will perform any remaining rites and pujas to the god who presides over the temple.
  • Cleaning a temple usually takes between three and four hours. Tuesday will be dedicated to temple cleansing.
  • Darshan services will resume once the temple has been thoroughly cleaned. Devotees would be able to see Sri Venkateswara Swamy after the precise pujas that are being performed on that day.
  • This exercise will be carried out by TTD personnel, and the general public will not be able to participate. As a result, tickets for this Seva will not be available for purchase.


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