TTD Tirumala Thulabharam Booking Timings Process Online Cost

See below for TTD Tirumala Thulabharam Booking Timings Process Online Cost, Tirumala Temple Thulabharam Seva Procedure, Cost, and Online Details here.

TTD Tirumala Thulabhara Seva:

Near the Tirumalaraya mandapam, there is a balance called Thulabharam. The term “Tula” in Sanskrit refers to equilibrium. In the past, rulers would perform “tulapurushadanam.” When their illnesses are cured and they are blessed with offspring, the followers donate whatever they were compelled to. They weigh themselves and give the swami the amount of money that corresponds to their weight or the weight of their children. The TTD will offer currencies when needed. Thulabhara’s secret is more complicated than just turning in your coins. Every devotee must make his own judgment at the time of admission into the temple.

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TTD Tirumala Thulabharam Booking Timings Process Online Cost

  • The left side is where Thulabharam is after entering Mahadwaram (Main Entrance of Temple).
  • Thulabaram doesn’t have a separate entry or Q-line.
  • After entering the main temple, all visitors using one of the darshan Q-lines, such as the Rs. 300/- Special entrance, free darshan, or Divya darshan, can take advantage of the thulabharam facility by heading to the Thulabaram Stall on the left side of the main temple.
  • A whole family is welcome to attend Thulabharam.
  • Thulabharam does not have an age restriction.
  • People are permitted to rejoin the darshan Q-line once Thulabaram is finished.

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Procedure for Tirumala Thulabharam Weighing

  • Here is the process in detail.
  • Join the Darshan queue and proceed.
  • immediately after entering the great temple gopuram, or Mahadwaram. On the left, you can look for Thulabharam.
  • Move to the Thulabharam location after leaving the Darshan line.
  • The staff will weigh the individual and inform you of the required payment amount at the on-site bank.
  • The personnel will weigh the individual with the actual item after you have paid the price and received a receipt from the bank counter (like jaggery, coins..etc)
  • Return to the running darshan line after finishing this activity.
  • Please take note that Darshan is required for Thulabharam to be conducted.

Items Charges for Thulabharam:

  • Rice 1 Kg Rs. 41 /-
  • Sugar 1 Kg Rs. 40 /-
  • Jaggery 1 Kg Rs. 38 /-
  • Candy 1 Kg Rs. 30/-

Rates for Thulabharam Coins per Kg

  • 1 Rupee Coin = 1 Kg = 202 Rupees
  • 1 Kg 2 Rupee Coin = Rs. 332
  • 1 Kg 5 Rupee Coin = Rs. 565
  • The New List now includes cashew nuts, dried grapes, turmeric powder, ghee, and cardamom.

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