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The Last ceremony of the daily sevas is called Ekantha Seva Tirumala. Sri Bhoga Srinivas Murthy vigraham is seated on the velvet bed in the swinging golden cradle at Sayana Mandapam during Ekantha Seva for 11 months out of the year, with the exception of Dhanur Maasam, the silver idol of the major deity. A disciple of the Lord the poet of Annamacharya sings Annamayya keerthanas to soothe the Lord. Each day, a different plate and Avathara are used for Tarigonda Vengamamba’s Harathi. The plate is inlaid with a pearl-studded image of one of the Dasavatharas. Biscuits flavored with sandalwood paste are laid at the feet of Lord Sri Venkateswara and on Bhoga Srinivasa’s breast Alamelumanga and Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy. Sweets, milk, fruits, and other items are offered to the Lord during Ekantha Seva.

Instead of Lord Sri Venkateswara, Lord Krishna is placed to sleep in this cradle during Dhanurmasa. The Bangaru Vaakili doors are sealed after Ekantha Seva Tirumala, and the keys are given to the Jeeyar. The temple doors are opened in His holy presence the following morning after the Jeeyar delivers the keys.

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TTD Tirumala Tirupati Ekantha Seva Timings Online Booking

This final rite takes place at night. Ekantha seva is the term for this. Because it is performed at night, this is also known as Rathri pooja. It is an arjitha seva, this pavalimpu seva. 45 minutes pass during it. The moolavar’s garlands are taken off during this ritual. “The gaddam bottu,” also known as the “Sripada renu,” is taken off and replaced with a new one. Additionally taken off are the feet’s gold kavachas. In order to perform Sripada seva, the priest must take two full tablets of sandal paste and place them at the feet of Dhruvabera after covering their bare feet with a vastra. On Dhruvabera’s chest, Alamelmanga is given a tablet (Vakshasthala Lakshmi).

The exact beginning date of the service is uncertain, however, records show that Chinnaji Devi and Tirumala Devi, the wives of Krishnadeva Raya, presented the Lord with golden cups filled with milk in 1513 A.D.

Depending on the number of pilgrims traveling that day, this practice is performed either as an arjita seva (paid service with public viewing permitted) or in ekanta (without any public presence). A little laddu and a serving of milk and almonds from the service are given as prasadam with each ticket which allows access for one person. The service lasts for 30 minutes

Timings for Tirumala Ekanta Seva:

The Tirumala Ekanta Seva is typically performed daily from 01.00 to 01.30 AM and the temple closes at 01.30. When there are special occasions, these times might alter.


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