Vinayaka Chavithi 2022 date time and Puja Vidhanam

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Vinayaka Chavithi is regarded as one of the most auspicious days by Hindus. Chavithi is celebrated twice a month, with Sankashti Chavithi occurring in Krishna Paksha and VinayakaChavithi occurring in Shukla Paksha. VinayakaChavithi is a festival devoted to Lord Ganesha. VinayakaChavithi will be celebrated on Chavithi Tithi, which is the fourth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Ashadha.

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Vinayaka Chavithi 2022 date time and Puja Vidhanam

This Year, the Vinayaka Chavithi festival falls on 31 August 2022 – Wednesday

The Importance of Vinayaka Chavithi 2022:

According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Ganesha is Pratham Pujya, the deity who is worshiped first before any other God and who eliminates all barriers to existence. Vighnaharta is another name for Lord Ganesha. On this auspicious day, a great number of devotees fast and pray to honor and please Lord Ganesha. The Vinayaka Chavithi fast (vrat) is followed to remove any malevolent influences from one’s life, and adherents live a happy and successful life by worshiping Lord Ganesha on this day. People who are suffering difficulties in their lives are expected to observe this fast (vrat) and give modak, Laddu, clothing, and other delicacies to Lord Ganesha.

Pooja vidhi for Vinayaka Chavithi 2022:

  • Devotees must get up early in the morning, bathe, and dress cleanly.
  • Devotees must install an idol of Lord Ganesha. Light a Diya and present yellow flowers, vermillion, kumkum, and durva (Green Grass), Lord Ganesha’s favorite plant.
  • Lord Ganesha must be offered laddoo or modak.
  • Before doing pooja, worshippers must say Lord Ganesha Mantra ‘Om Shree Ganeshaye Namah’ and recite Vinayaka (Bindayak) Katha and Lord Ganesha Aarti.
  • Devotees who are unable to fast on this day may visit Lord Ganesha’s temple and perform abhishekam using panchamrit (Milk, Sugar, Honey, Curd, Ghee) and give Lord Ganesha laddoo or modak.
  • After giving prayers and bhog prasad to Lord Ganesha, devotees may break their fast in the evening. Satvik bhog prasad is required (without garlic and onion).
  • The moon plays an important role in this fast (Vrat). It is said that one must give the moon water (Arghya).
  • After giving water (Arghya) to the moon, worshippers may break their fast (Vrat).
  • People should break their fast with satvik food (fried potatoes, sama rice khichdi, fruits, and milk products).

What are the Vinayaka Chavithi rituals?

Though the celebration is the same and has similar sentiments throughout India, customs and traditions vary somewhat by location. At various locations, the festivities run between 7 and 10 days. Among the most popular observances are:

Ganapati statue installation:

  • A statue of the Elephant God is put on a pedestal at home or in a public area with a prana prathishtha puja.
  • People avoid glancing at the moon on the first night of the festival because it is said to be a bad omen.

Prayers include washing the statue, doing puja with shloka chanting and presenting flowers and sweets, and circumambulating the idol with a plate containing a lighted earthern/metal lamp, kumkum, and flowers. Every day, prayer gatherings are held at Ganapati temples and public installations in the evenings and, in some cases, in the mornings.

Special performances:

Some public Lord Ganesh displays may also include dancing, music, and comedy.


Modak is Ganapati’s favorite sweet, thus making and eating it is a must. As a result, during the celebration, these dumplings are produced and given as prasad. During this period, other food items like as laddoo, barfi, pedha, and sundal are also given.


This is the immersion of the idol in a body of water that takes place on the final day of the festival, which may be anytime between the seventh and eleventh days. It is followed by a parade of people reciting bhajans, shlokas, and songs in front of the idol. People beg forgiveness for their previous errors and ask God to help them remain on the correct path. Ganesha is acknowledged for visiting the home/locality, eliminating barriers from people’s paths, and bestowing auspiciousness.


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