Virupaksha Temple Hampi History Timings Entry Fee Location

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The worship of Lord Shiva may be experienced at the Virupaksha Temple in Hampi. The distance between Bangalore and Hampi is around 350 kilometers. UNESCO has designated the town of Hampi, which is located in the southern region of India, as one of the World Heritage Sites. Lord Shiva is honored in the Virupaksha Temple in India. Lakkana Dandesha, who served as a general under King Deva Raya II, was instrumental in the construction of this temple.

The city of Hampi is located on the bank of the River Tungabhadra. This revered temple is the primary destination for those seeking to make the journey to Hampi. It is the holiest and most precious of all the retreats.

The Virupaksha temple has thrived throughout the course of its history and continues to do so now. Even though it is surrounded by destruction, it has not been tainted in any way. Throughout the month of December, it is very popular and draws enormous crowds of people. The month of February is reserved for the annual chariot festival that takes place.

Virupaksha Temple Hampi History Timings Entry Fee Location

Since around the seventh century, the history of the Virupaksha temple has been continuously written. The Virupaksha-Pampa retreat has been located in this area for a significant amount of time. There are a few inscriptions from the 9th century that talk about Lord Shiva. These writings were carved into stone.

At the time of the reign of the Vijayanagara, it was initially a small temple but it grew into a large complex over time. In the latter years of the Hoysala and Chalukyan dynasties, there is evidence to suggest that the Virupaksha temple underwent some expansions and modifications.

During the rule of the dynasty in the fourteenth century, Native American art, craft, and culture had a period of great prosperity. When the monarchs of Vijayanagara were defeated by Muslim invaders, however, all of these magnificent works and structures were obliterated.

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  • Each day, Rudrabhisheka was carried out.
  • Number of permitted guests: 2

 Dress code:

It requires that men wear a white pancha, dhoti or kurta, and pajama bottoms.
Clothing options for women include the saree with a blouse, the Punjabi dress with a dupatta, the Chudidhar with a dupatta, or a half saree.

The abhisheka offering was made to the primary god. At this portion of the ceremony, the devotees are given permission to take seats and observe the Pooja procedure.

Tickets for the Abhisheka taking place on the same day may be bought upon arrival at the counter. For this Pooja, online booking is not yet accessible.

Virupaksha Temple Timings

  • ¬†6:00 am to 10:00 pm Every Day.

Virupaksha Temple Hampi History Timings Entry Fee Location

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Virupaksha Temple Pooja Details

  • Bilava Pathrarchana
  • Karpoora Aarti
  • Panchamrut Abhishekam
  • Sahasranama Archana
  • Maha Rudraabhishekam

Festivals In Virupakasha Temple:

  • Mahashivratri
  • Annual Ratha Yatra
  • Phalapuja Festival

Nearby Attractions In Virupakasha Temple:

  • Vittal Temple
  • Chandramouleeshwara Temple
  • Achyutaraya Temple
  • Hazara Rama Temple
  • Anjeyanadri Hill
  • Badami Cave Temples
  • An Aihole group of Temples

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