2023 Adhika Masam Start End Dates Pooja Timings Puja Tithi

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An additional lunar month, often referred to as Purushottam Maas or Mal Maas, is denoted by the names Adhik Maas or Adhika Maas. If you are having issues related to Pitra Dosha, now is the greatest time for you to engage in religious activities and obtain some respite. Avoid undertaking significant life changes, such as beginning a new enterprise, buying a home or car, or participating in auspicious celebrations or ceremonies.

Purushottam Maas is considered to be one of the most auspicious times of the year to recite mantras, observe a fast, and give to charity. During Adhika Maas, one should refrain from participating in any auspicious rituals or events, such as naming a newborn baby, getting engaged, getting married, beginning new financial-related investments, Griha-Pravesh (the process of moving into a new house), laying the foundation for a house, or purchasing a new mode of transportation or piece of property.

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2023 Adhika Masam Start End Dates Pooja Timings Puja Tithi

The month of Shravan Adhik Maas will start on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, while Adhika Maas 2023 will begin the next day (Shravan Maas).

The Vedic lunar calendar is now on its 13th month, which is the extra month. The Hindu (Vedic) Lunar Calendar states that the Adhika Maas festival takes place once about every 32 months, 16 days, and 8 Ghatis. When the cumulative difference of specific days and times is found to be more than the true solar year, an adjustment with an additional or additional month is made (Adhik Maas). There is no Adhik Maas, also known as Adhika Maas, during any of these two months: Kartik or Magh.

2023 Adhika Masam or Purushottam Masa Start End Dates Pooja Timings Puja Tithi

This Shravan Maas will be known as an Adhik Shravan Maas or a Purushottam Maas 2023, and it will commence on Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

  • It is believed that doing Jap, Daan, Puja, and other meritorious deeds during this Adhik Maas would help to counteract the negative effects of the Pitra Dosha. Because Surya Sankranti does not fall in the middle of two Paksha, there are two Jyeshtha months (also known as an Adhik, which means one additional month).
  • This additional month is known as Adhik Maas or Adhika Maas, and its name comes from the word Adhika, which may be translated as extra, greater, additional, or excellent. Therefore, the term “Adhika Maas” refers to an extra month.
  • Adhika Maas is a form of Mal Maas, also known as Adhik Maas, Purushottam Maas, Mal Maas, Malimmachha, and Adhika Masam. The name Purushottam Maas was given in honor of the Hindu god Vishnu and takes its name from one of his names, Purushottam.

Daan and Religious Activities During Adhik Maas:

Since Adhika Maas is the month that is devoted to Lord Vishnu, it is considered holy and auspicious for participating in any and all forms of devotion, including the recitation of mantras, the practice of japa, the performance of puja (worship) of the Lord Vishnu, acts of charity, and pilgrimages. The name Purushottam Maas comes from the adjective “Purushottam,” which is used to refer to the Hindu god Vishnu.

Do’s During Adhika Maas and Pooja:

  • Maintaining a fast (Vrat) by eating vegetarian meals just once at night, donating in the form of food (Anna Daan), clothing, and bedding (Vastra Daan), and helping elderly or poor folks are all excellent ways to reduce or eliminate the negative consequences of sins or Pitra Dosha.
  • Donating to charity and observing fasts during Adhika Maas are two ways to cleanse oneself of a significant portion of one’s bad karma. These actions produce quite significant outcomes.
  • Practice religious rites such as Yajna or Yagna, the Havan, the recitation of sacred texts or Katha, and the chanting of Mantra. You should organize religious get-togethers known as Satsanga on the Adhik Maas Purnima as well as on any day of the Adhik Maas. By acting in this manner, we will be able to reduce the amount of Pap-karma that has built up (sin).

Things to Avoid Doing During the Unlucky Adhika Maas Month:

In Adhik Maas, you are not allowed to be mean or cruel to other people. During the holy months of Adhik Maas and Purushottam Maas, you should abstain from drinking alcohol and consuming foods that are not vegetarian.

Adhika Masam 2023 Calendar and Importance of Adhika Masam:

  • In the Hindu calendar, the additional lunar month known as Adhik Maas also goes by the names Mal Maas, Purushottam Maas, Malimmacha, and Londa Maas. It is sometimes referred to as Mal Maas. The notion of Adhik Maas is comparable to that of the leap day in the English calendar. On the other hand, the whole month of Adhik Maas leaps forward in the Hindu calendar. In the Hindu calendar, the Adhik Maas festival happens about every three years.
  • The location of Adhik Maas is not set within the cycle of Hindu months; rather, it happens at a time that is completely arbitrary between any two months. Each Lunar month on the Hindu calendar contains a single point that is designated as Sankranti. It is only during the holiday of Sankranti that the sun will shift from one zodiac to another; this will only occur once during the whole lunar month. On the other hand, the lunar months that do not include the Sankranti holiday are referred to as Adhik Maas.
  • It is not a favorable time to carry out any acts of auspiciousness during Adhik Maas. During the Adhik Maas in the Hindu calendar, one should refrain from engaging in any activities that bring good fortune, such as getting married, having a housewarming ceremony, buying new things, and so on. At the same time, Adhik Maas is very crucial for the performance of austerity, and it is devoted to Lord Purushottam, which is one of Lord Vishnu’s many forms.

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