2023 Chaturmasam Vrat Starting Ending Dates Pooja Timings Info

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There are four months that make up the period known as Chaturmas. These months are Shravan, Bhadrapada, Ashwina, and Kartik. According to Hindu mythology, these months are regarded to be the holiest months of the year. The majority of the religious observances, or Vratas, that are significant and relevant take place during this time period.

The day of Devshayani Ashadhi Ekadashi marks the beginning of the holy time of Chaturmas, which lasts for a total of four months. The pious phase is characterized by acts of devotion and penance, as well as taking holy river baths, consuming vegetarian meals, offering sacrifices, and contributing to charitable causes.

2023 Chaturmasam Vrat Starting Ending Dates Pooja Timings Info

  • The Hindu calendar indicates that the month of Ashwin starts on Bhadrapada Sukla Ekadashi and lasts till Asweeja Sukla Ekadashi.
  • During the month of Ashwin, you should avoid consuming anything that was cooked with milk.
  • Kartik month starts with Asweeja Sukla Ekadashi and continues through Karthika Sukla Ekadashi.
  • In general, you should stay away from pulses that contain seeds throughout the month of Kartik.
  • During the season of Chaturmas, saints often refrain from engaging in a great deal of activity.
  • They behave in this manner so as not to do any harm to any of the living things, seeing as how the wet season is known to be the breeding period for insects.
  • They limit their travels since it is thought that murdering any kind of life during the sacred season might bring damage to the saints, and it is for this reason that they do so.
  • As the month of Shravan also falls during the Chaturmas season, followers of Lord Shiva eagerly anticipate this time of year.
  • The devotees observe a heightened level of devotion on Mondays throughout the month of Shravan
  • Because they believe these days to be particularly blessed, and as a result, they make further preparations to fast on these days.

2023 Chaturmasam Vrat Starting Ending Dates Pooja Timings Info and Details

During the season of Chaturmas, devotees are expected to abstain from eating any food that is not vegetarian in any form. During the season of Chaturmas, it is best to steer clear of foods and drinks that call for jaggery and oil. At this time, some followers abstain from eating foods that have been cooked with garlic and onion.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that the celebrations will go for a total of four lengthy months, the believers will not be subject to any constraints. The manner in which one chooses to observe their devotion throughout the Chaturmas months is entirely up to them.

Throughout these four months, devotees spend significant amounts of time reading sacred texts such as the Ramayana, the Gita, and the Bhagwad Purana. The devotees pass their time throughout the months by listening to the tales that Lord Vishnu told and helping those who are in need. This is done since the months are said to be Lord Vishnu’s time to relax.

Items of cuisine that should be avoided during the Chaturmasam season

As a result of the fact that the celebrations last for more than four months, the devotees are required to adhere to a stringent eating plan. During the month of Shravan, it is customary to refrain from eating green leafy vegetables. Ashada Sukla Ekadashi is the first day of the month, while Sravana Sukla Ekadashi is the last day of the month.

Bhadrapada month starts with Sravana Sukla Ekadashi and continues to Bhadrapada Sukla Ekadashi. During the month of Bhadrapada, worshippers abstain from ingesting curd and anything else that has been produced with the same ingredient.

2023 Chaturmasam Vrat Starting Ending Dates Pooja Timings Info in Detail:

Lord Vishnu once made the observation that devotees who practice fasting during this particular holy season would benefit more than those who observe fasting at other times of the year. This was one of his observations. The advantages of the fast would change depending on the month that you did it.

Many believe that fasting during the month of Karthika is particularly fortunate because Lord Vishnu bestows his blessings on his followers at this time. As a result, people who fast throughout this month with devotion might anticipate receiving the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

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