Grishneshwar Temple Prasadam Online Booking Cost Details

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The Grishneshwar Temple in Aurangabad, which is located in the state of Maharashtra, is considered to be one of Lord Shiva’s 12 Jyotirlinga. Darshan periods for devotees at the Grishneshwar Temple range from 4:00 am to 22:00 pm. Devotees may get their blessings at any time throughout those hours.

Nevertheless, during the months of “Shravan,” which occur during the months of August and September, darshans are accessible from three in the morning to eleven at night. The darshan may often be completed in two hours, however, during the months of Shravan, this time can be extended to between six and eight hours due to the large number of worshippers that visit during this time.

Grishneshwar Temple Prasadam Online Booking Cost Details

  • According to the myth of Shivalay, the king of Verul went on hunting trips and slaughtered animals that lived in the hermitage of the Rishis.
  • These creatures were sacred to the Rishis. This infuriated the Rishis, who then placed a curse on the monarch, which resulted in a swarm of insects covering his body.
  • The king was lost in the woods when he came upon a crack in the ground that had running water coming out of it.
  • As soon as he began to consume the water, it was as if by some kind of miracle, the bugs disappeared from his body.
  • The overawed monarch was forced to do harsh penance at that location.
  • Lord Brahma, pleased with the sacrifice, bestowed his blessing on the monarch and proceeded to build a lake that later became known as Shivalay.
  • In the city of Shivalay, in the Sahyadri mountain range, Lord Shiva and his spouse Parvathi had their home.
  • While the Goddess was getting ready to put on some vermilion, she decided to combine it with the water from the Shivalay.
  • After then, the vermilion changed into a Linga and began to radiate a brilliant beam of light.

Grishneshwar Temple Prasadam Online Booking Cost Details

  • This Jyotirlinga was at first referred to as Kumkumeshwar since the Linga was said to have arisen from the vermilion.
  • But, the Goddess gave it the name Grishneshwar because she felt that the Linga was the result of friction, and the word “Grish” is the Sanskrit word for friction.
  • Brahmavetta Sudharm, a distinguished Brahmin scholar, and his wife, Sudha, made their home on the Devagiri mountain range’s southern peak (later known as Daulatabad).
  • Since they did not have any children, the inconsolable Sudeha tried to convince her sister Ghushma to marry Sudharm so that the three of them might start a family.
  • After some time, Ghushma and Sudharm were blessed with a child, much to Sudeha’s resentment.
  • The tiny kid matured into a dashing young man and finally got married in his adulthood.
  • When Sudeha was unable to deal with her emotions of jealousy, she murdered the youngster while he was sleeping and dumped his corpse in a lake.

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The Ellora Caves are a collection of Hindu caverns, Buddhist caves, and Jain caves. They are a remarkable example of religious peace throughout the ancient period and were discovered in India. The Ellora Caves may be reached from the Grishneshwar Temple in less than one kilometer.

This temple in Khuldabad is known as the Bhadra Maruti Temple. It is devoted to Lord Hanuman, also known as the monkey deity. The Bhadra Maruti Temple is unique in that it is the only Hanuman temple that displays the god in a reclining or resting pose. This distinction brings the temple a great deal of notoriety. The distance to the temple from the Grishneswar Temple is just 6 kilometers.

The first of the Jyotirlinga temples is the Aundha Nagnath Temple, which can be found in the hamlet of Aundha Nagnath in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The distance between the temple and the Grishneshwar temple is 227 kilometers. At the time when the Pandavas were banished from their homeland, it is said that Yudhishtra, the oldest of the five brothers, constructed the Temple.

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