2023 June Tirumala Rs 300 Special Darshan Release Dates

Know More Information About The 2023 June Tirumala Rs 300 Special Darshan Release Dates, Timings, Darshan Booking Process, Location, And More Details

A special Darshan at the Tirumala temple would set you back Rs 300. Darshan at the temple costs Rs 300, and tens of thousands of devotees make the journey there every year. In the Tirumala temple, visitors may choose from a wide variety of Darshan and service options. Pilgrims who are looking for an easy Darshan in Tirumala should go with the Rs 300 Darshan as it is their best choice. Booking one of the Rs 300 Darshanis is an easy process. Pilgrims, on the other hand, may only make reservations online for the Rs 300 Darshan or the Special Darshan at this time.

Until recently, the only way to purchase the Rs 300 Darshan was via the TTD. Pilgrims may make the journey to Tirumala and then buy the Rs 300 Darshan ticket at the temple. On the other hand, since there is such a huge demand for the Rs 300 Darshan tickets, the temple has moved the whole Darshan booking process online. As a consequence of this, till further notice, the Rs 300 Darshan booking will only be offered via the online platform.

2023 June Tirumala Rs 300 Special Darshan Release Dates

  • The online distribution of the Rs 300 Darshan quota will begin every month three months in advance.
  • Tickets for pilgrims may only be purchased up to three months in advance.
  • When June 2023 rolls around, you’ll be able to purchase tickets for the month of June 2023.
  • It has not been possible to verify the distribution dates for the Rs 300 Special Darshan tickets, therefore consider them to be usual. Every month, a new date will be chosen for the quota of tickets to be released.

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2023 June Tirumala Rs 300 Special Darshan Release Dates

  • 2023 June Tirumala Rs 300 Special Darshan Release Dates
  • When the tickets have been made public, pilgrims will be able to purchase them online. To enter the TTD website and buy their tickets, pilgrims are required to utilise the OTP that was sent to their mobile device along with their cell phone number.
  • Please bear in mind that in order to purchase Rs 300 Special Darshan tickets for the month of May 2023, pilgrims may only do so via the official website or mobile app of the TTD.
  • Each pilgrim has the ability to book a maximum of six other travellers via the website. Online reservations for laddus are also available to pilgrims. It is important that you bear in mind that once tickets have been bought, they cannot be cancelled, refunded, or rescheduled under any circumstances.

Tickets Online Booking Process:

  • Go to the page where you will make your reservation when you are ready. All of the links that you will need have been given for you, so if you need to reserve a hotel stay or a TTD special entry darshan, you may do so here.
    After that, you will need to wait in line, which should not take more than five to twelve minutes.
  • After that, enter both your phone number as well as the OTP that was sent to your phone.
  • After that, check the COVID-19 declaration notice to make certain that it was entered correctly.
  • You will see a calendar, which will give you the opportunity to pick the days on which you would want to visit the template. After settling on a day, the next step is to choose a window of time during which to go to the temple.
  • There is a distinct meaning associated with each colour. When you notice a yellow indicator, it means that seats are being taken up at a rapid rate.
  • After that, input all of the relevant information, such as the number of people, the needed number of rooms, and whether or not you require any extra Laddu Prasadam.
  • When you have entered your name, picture ID, and ID card number, among other details, you will be prompted to click the “Continue” button.
  • You may pay for your TTS Online Ticket using either UPI, a credit card, or a debit card when you get to the last stage of the process.

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