2023 Magha Masam Start Date and End Date Puja Tithi

See below for the 2023 Magha Masam Start Date and End Date Puja Tithi, Magha Masam 2023 Marriage Dates, and Magha Masam 2023 Telugu Calendar Details Here.

Magha Masam or Magha Month is the Eleventh Month in the Indian Calendar. As per Sanatana Dharma, Magha Masa is one of the Auspicious Months in all 12 Months. Magha Masam is one of the Hindu months, which comes in the Hindu lunar calendar. This Magha Masam or Magha Month comes in the months of Mid January and Mid February Every Year. This Magha Masam is also Popularly known as Magha Masa in Karnataka. In Telugu, Magha Masam is a very Auspicious month, and Lord Shiva will be worshipped during this month. All Shaiva Temples will celebrate the Shivaratri Utsavam this Month.

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2023 Magha Masam Start Date and End Date Puja Tithi

Like Every Year, Magha Masam falls from Mid Jan to Mid Feb in this year. This Auspicious Magha Masam Starts on 22nd January 2023 and concludes on 21st February 2023. Each month has its own significance in the Hindu calendar, and the month of Magh is no exception. Bathing in the Ganges is mandatory during the month of Magh. It is thought that giving charity, washing, and fasting throughout the month of Magh cleanses one of all sins. By the grace of Lord Vishnu, the person who bathes in the sacred Ganges river in the month of Magh and gives arghya to the Sun receives liberation from all sins and all bliss.

Magha Masam 2023 Marriage Dates

Magha Masam is the month for Marriages and other Shubha Karya (Good Ceremonies). Many people are waiting to make their wedding in this Magha masam. Magha Masam is the first month that comes after Makara Sankramana or Uttarayana Punya Kala. Also, This month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Vishnu. As per Hindu Puranas, all Devathas do Shiva Pooja and Vishnu Pooja in this Month. So, people believe finding a wedding in this month gives good results in their lives.

As per Indian Hindu Astrology, The Moon is in the Magha and Ashlesha constellations during the full moon of Magh month, which is why this month is called Magha Masam or Magh Month. As per Indian Astrology, the day which Magha Nakshatram (Magha Star) comes on the full moon day, or before or after the full moon day, that month will be considered as Magha Masam or Magh Month. In this Magha month or Magha Masam, the Sun enters Capricorn.

Date Day Tithi
23 Jan 2023 Monday Dwithiya
26 Jan 2023 Thursday Panchami
27 Jan 2023 Friday Shasti
03 Feb 2023 Friday Trayodasi
05 Feb 2023 Sunday Pournima
08 Feb 2023 Wednesday Trithiya
10 Feb 2023 Friday Panchami
12 Feb 2023 Sunday Sapthami
15 Feb 2023 Wednesday Dasami

2023 Magha Masam Start Date and End Date Puja Tithi and Importance of Magha Snanam:

According to mythology traditions and Ramayana, Rishi Gautam cursed Lord Indra in the month of Magha. To get out of the Gauthama Rishi curse, Lord Indradev had a Holy bath in the river Ganga (Ganges River in India) on Magha Snana.

The Astrological Importance of Magha Purnima:

  • Maghi Purnima has astrological significance as well. According to folklore, the Sun enters Capricorn on this day, while the Moon enters Cancer. As a result, it is thought that taking a holy plunge on Maghi Purnima will solve all problems related to the Sun and Moon. Magha is also beneficial from a scientific aspect. This month is supposed to help the human body acclimate to seasonal changes. Doing a holy Bath on Maghi Purnima day will result in healthy and successful Life.
  • Furthermore, if Pushya Nakshatra happens on the same day as Magh Purnima Ganga Bath Purnima, the day is considered more fortunate. Surprisingly, on the day of Magha Purnima, a well-known float festival is held in the Tamil Nadu area.
  • Sunday, February 5, 2023 is Magha Purnima. Purnima Tithi starts at 09:29 PM on February 4, 2023. Purnima Tithi concluded at 11:58 PM on February 5, 2023.



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