2023 Makara Sankranti Pitru Tarpanam Timings Telugu Panchangam

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Every man should be free from five different sorts of debt, according to the Shastras. Devarinam, Pitrinam, Manushyarinam, Rishirinam, and Bhutarinam are their names. Parents who gave us life and noticed us owe us a debt that will never be paid back. However, research asserts that Pitru Tarpana, Pindodaka Dona, and Shraddha Karmas can partially pay off the obligation owed by our elders. Making four-quarters of sesame flour and spreading it on a stool, taking a bath, and then offering tarpans to the ancestors are customs associated with Makara Sankranti.

A 16-day moon cycle is called the Pitru Paksha. Hindus honor their ancestors, Dogs, cows, and crows are given a range of foods and dishes at this time. It’s thought that feeding these animals and birds reaches our departed ancestors and brings them happiness in their afterlife. However, are you aware of the significance of feeding the elderly during Pitru Paksha?

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2023 Makara Sankranti Pitru Tarpanam Timings Telugu Panchangam

Donating clothes and food to the less fortunate should not be forgotten when providing nourishment to the elderly.

They supposedly find this pleasing. According to myths, it is imperative to refrain from eating anything other than vegetarian during the full Pitru Paksha to prevent the “pitru dosh,” or curse from our departed ancestors.

When doing “Brahman Bhoj,” only use both hands to distribute the food, and make sure there are no garlic or onions present. When making the prasad, only use pure ingredients like cow’s milk, ghee, and curd. If at all possible, it is said that the prasad should be offered to the pitrus in silver utensils. Utilize grains such as puja, barley, and millet.

Significance of Sankranthi Tarpanam:

  • Anytime during the day is suitable for doing the Makara Sankranthi pitru tharpanam. In Gulika, Yamagandam, and Rahu Kalam, it should not be done. Additionally, Pirtu Tharpanam times shouldn’t go past 5 PM.
  • Three generations of one’s ancestors are worshiped during Pitru Paksha for a purpose. According to ancient writings, Pitriloka, a place between heaven and earth that is ruled by Yama, the deity of death, is home to the souls of the previous three generations. The generations prior to these three generations live in heaven and are not given tarpan because of this.



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