2023 Sri Kalahasti Temple Maha Shivarathri Brahmotsavam Sevas and Dates

See below for the 2023 Sri Kalahasti Temple Maha Shivarathri Brahmotsavam Sevas and Dates, Srikalahasti Shivaratri Brahmotsavam Schedule here.

The temple itself is a magnificent work of architecture. Explore the temple for a while. Because they were protected by nature from deterioration, you can see that the inside pillars are as new as they were hundreds of years ago.

Because the exterior temple was built in the 12th century by the Chola kings and the Vijayanagara kings, and the inner temple was built sometime in the fifth century, please organize your trip so that you can spend some time admiring the temple’s aesthetic and spiritual grandeur. Vayu is revered as Kalahasteeswara and takes the form of Lord Shiva.

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Mythological Story Behind Srikalahasti Temple:

Srikalahasti Temple has a fascinating history. The three followers of the Elephant, Snake, and Spider once performed their own kind of worship for Lord Shiva. In the same way that an elephant will offer the Lord abhishekam by carrying water from a nearby pond with its trunk, a spider will worship the Lord by shielding his Siva Lingam with its web, and a snake will offer abhishekam by depositing its most prized Naga mani on the Lord’s lingam.

These three devotees accidentally bumped into each other while performing their worship one fine day. The elephant broke the web by splashing water from its trunk since it believed that spider worship was improper. As a result of seeing this, a snake and a spider were enraged and entered an elephant’s trunk.

2023 Sri Kalahasti Temple Maha Shivarathri Brahmotsavam Sevas and Dates

Srikalahasti Brahmotsavam begins on February 13 and runs through February 25, 2023. Rahu Ketu Pooja and Kala Sarpa Dosha Pooja shall be conducted every day during brahmotsavam days. During the days of the Brahmotsavam, Rudrabhishekam won’t be accessible.

  • Bhakta Kanappa Dwajarohanam on February 13.
  • the Swamivari Dwajarohanam on February 14.
  • February 15th is Rendava Tirunallu (Bhuta Ratri)
  • February 16th is Mudava Tirunallu (Gandarwa Ratri)
  • Nalugava Tirunallu on February 17 (Naga Ratri)
  • Mahashivaratri, Nandi Seva, and Lingodbavam on February 18
  • Rathotsavam (Morning), Brahma Ratri, and Teppotsavam on February 19 (Night)
  • The Shivaparvatula Kalyanam is on February 20. (Skanda Ratri)
  • February 21st is Sabhapati Kalyanam (Ananda Ratri)
  • Giri Pradakshina on February 22. (Rushi Ratri)
  • Theertavari, Dwajavarohanam on February 23.
  • February 24th: Pallaki seva (Night)
  • February 25th is Ekanta Seva.
  • Nityotsavam and Abhishekam on February 26.

Sevas In Maha shivarathri

  • Morning at 05.30 AM – Suprabatham
  • Morning at 06 AM – Sarvadarshanam
  • Morning at 07.30 AM – Pradhama Kala Abhishekam
  • Morning at 09 AM – The Dwithiya Kala Abhishekam
  • Morning at 10.30 AM – Abhishekam Ucchi
  • Morning at 11 AM – Nityothsavam
  • Morning at 11 AM – Rudra Homam
  • Morning at 11.30 AM – Homam Chandhi
  • Morning at 11.30 AM –┬áThe Nithya Kalyanam
  • Evening at 05.30 PM – Abhishekam Prodhosha Kala
  • Evening at 07 PM – the Pushpam of Nirajana Manthra
  • Night at 09 PM –┬áThe Ekantha Seva

Explore nearby attractions:

Srikalahasti is not the only Place for Visiting Temple. It has wonderful nearby attractions must see once in a life. These nearby attractions are really worth seeing.

  • Temple of Sahasra Linga
  • Temple of Sri Subramanya Swamy
  • Temple of Bhakta Kannappa
  • Temple of Bharadwaja Theertham Durgambika
  • Falls at Veyeelingala Kona



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