Palani Temple Panchamirtham Prasadam Online Booking

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One of the well-known Murugan temples is the Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy shrine. It may be found in Tamil Nadu’s Palani town in the Dindigul district. There is a Murugan temple on the Palani Hills foothills. The taller of the two hills, known as Mount Sivagiri, is where the temple is located.

The hours of the Palani Temple are 5:45 AM to 9 PM. The approach to this temple follows the customary elephant’s path. The temple is almost 100 Km away from Coimbatore.

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Palani Temple Panchamirtham Prasadam Online Booking

  • A variety of Prasadam is available at the Palani Murugan temple. Panchamirtham from the Temple of Palani is the most well-known Prasadam. Other forms of prasadam served in the temple include pulioghare, Sakkara Pongal, and other sweet treats.
  • Most pilgrims desire to make an online reservation for Prasadam. so that the pilgrims homes might receive the prasadam. However, the prasadam is currently unavailable online at the temple.
  • Panchamirtham is delicious and can be stored for a long time. Panchamirtham is made by the Devasthanam employing cutting-edge equipment in a healthy and pure manner. The Devasthanam or its information centers in the Bus Stand, Winch Station, Vinayagar Temple, or Tiru Aavinankudi are the places where Panchamirtham can be purchased directly. The only way for pilgrims to receive prasadam at the Palani Murugan temple is by physically going there.

Great Mythology Facts About Palani Temple :

  • A tradition states that the sage Narada traveled to Kailash to give Lord Shiva the Gyanapalam. This is the history of the Murugan Temple. The fruit would be split in half and given to Lord Shiva’s two sons, according to his statement. Narada, however, objects to the fruit being chopped.
  • He then decides to give the fruit to the son who completes the first full rotation of the Earth. As soon as the boys agree to the challenge, Lord Kartikeya mounts his peacock and sets out on his global tour.
  • However, Lord Ganesha felt his parents as the world made three laps around them. Lord Shiva praises Lord Ganesha’s intelligence before giving him the fruit. Karthikeya understands that his efforts were in vain when he gets home.
  • He eventually departs from Kailash out of irritation and settles in the Palani/Sivagiri hills. This is where the Palani/Sivagiri hills are where the Palani temple first appeared.

Palani Temple Panchamirtham History and Importance:

  • The key reason is the locally made special brand diversity of ingredients, as well as the store’s durability. The Panchamirtham is utilized in Abhishekams before being served as Prasadhams. Offering Prasadham to the god signifies that “nothing is our own and everything is yours”; the bare fact that man owns nothing but is owned by nature. Prasadham also includes the requirement that it be given out and shared by everyone.
  • A Geographical Indication (GI) label has been given to the well-known Palani panchamirtham, which is served as “prasadam” at the local Murugan temple.
  • This is the first time a Tamil Nadu temple offering has received the GI designation. The Joint Commissioner/Executive Officer, Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Thirukkoil, North Giriveethi, Adivaram, Palani, submitted the application.

Five organic ingredients to prepare the panchamirtham:

  • Banana, honey, cardamom, cow ghee, jaggery, and honey. Diamond sugar candies and dates are added for flavor.
  • The panchamirtham is a semi-solid dish that is served as an “Abhisheka prasadam” (religious offering).
  • One of the principal offerings made to Lord Dhandayuthapani Swamy, the presiding deity of the Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple atop the Palani Hills, it has a sweet flavor.


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