2023 Tirumala Ramakrishna Theertham Open Close Dates Route

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Tirumala is a place for divine history and mysteries. Tirumala contains many hidden holy waterfalls and ponds (Punya Theertham) in the Sechachalam deep forest. As per Sanatana dharma, Sages, Saints, and other powerful people only can travel to those places and find those theerthams. As per Bhavishottara Ourana, There are 06 Crores Punya Theertham available in Tirumala. Among all those 06 Crores, 1008 thousand offer Great Knowledge, 108 hundred and eight punya theertham offers Bhakti, and 10 Ten Punya theerthams offer Moksha (Eternal Peace). Sri Ramakrishna Theertham is one of the 10 Ten Punya Theerthams.

Visiting the Ramakrishna Theertham in Tirumala is a Risky and Dangerous Journey. Devotees must travel nearly 08 KM from Tirumala Papavinashanam Dam by footpath way to reach the Ramakrishna Theertham. This would be the memorable and Adventurous journey in life who travel to Tirumala Ramakrishna Theertham. TTD allows you to trek this hill and visit the Ramakrishna Theertham in Tirumala once a Year. And this falls every year on the day of Magha Masam Pournima tithi. TTD arrange for the Special team to visit the Tirumala Ramakrishna Theertham. This Ramakrishna Theertham will be open for one day only.

2023 Tirumala Ramakrishna Theertham Open Close Dates Route

This Year Ramakrishna theertham Mukkoti falls on the 05th Feb 2023 Sunday on Magha Masam Pournima tithi.

One of the most well-known theertham in the Tirumala Hills, the Ramakrishna Theertham can be found 10 km to the north of the main Lord Venkateswara Temple. It is stated that taking a dip in this water would cast away all of your problems and bring you nothing but good luck. During the rainy season, when there is lush vegetation all around and white water cascading from the rocks, this location is at its most stunning and should be your top choice for a vacation destination.

Aman called Ram Krishna engaged in TAPAS, which is another word for meditation, and built a pool in order to execute religious rites involving water and purification. In later times, a wise man by the name of Ramakrishna was subjected to terrible and protracted punishment for his crimes. During this time, unbeknownst to him, an anthill has been growing in the area surrounding him.

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Tirumala Ramakrishna Theertham History:

Tirumala Ramakrishna Theertham Lord Indra intended to put philosopher Ramakrishna to the test, so he caused torrents of rain to fall on the anthill while lightning and thunder were also there. However, he was totally unaware of the situation. The highest point of the ant mound was the only part that crumbled and fell to the ground. Then Sri Vishnu came in front of him and stated, “I preferred Darshan on this day of Purnima (FULL MOON DAY) in association with the star PUSHYAMI in the solar month of MAKARA (January).”

Anyone who washes in this Theertham shall be absolved of any and all transgressions of the Laws relating to morality. All of them are elaborated upon in detail in Chapter 5 of the Skanda Purana.

On this particular day, a large number of worshippers come to this theertham to wash away their sins. The prasadams will first be transported from the Main Balaji temple to this theertham, where they will be presented to a stationed representation of Sri Krishna, and only after that will the prasadams be distributed to the devotees.

2023 Tirumala Ramakrishna Theertham Open Close Dates Route and Steps to follow:

  • On the day of the Full Moon during the months of January or February, the Ramakrishna Theertham will be accessible to pilgrims.
  • Only during the month of January will the Ramakrishna Theertham be accessible to pilgrims. This is the best and most secure time to visit the Theertham.
  • According to the TTD Calendar, the dates for the Ramakrishna Theertham will take place on the days of the full moon.
  • On this day, travelers may pay a visit to the Ramakrishna Theertham between the hours of six in the morning and six in the evening.
  • The pilgrims have the option of spending the night at the Ramakrishna Theertham and returning the following day. The pilgrims are required to travel significant miles through the jungle and may even be required to engage in rock climbing.
  • Those travelers who are not physically able to complete this journey are not permitted to visit the Ramakrishna Theertham.
  • The travelers are responsible for making all of their own arrangements, and the Papa Vinasanam Dam is the only entrance into the wilderness.

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