2023 Varahi Navratri Dates Pooja Procedure Timings

See below for the 2023 Varahi Navratri Dates Pooja Procedure Timings, 2023 Varahi Ashada Navratri Dates, Pooja Timings, Puja Procedure, and Details Here. 

Varahi Mata is a famous Hindu goddess. She is thought to be one of the forms of Saptha Matrika or Goddess Shakti. People worship Varahi Mata because they believe she is a protector and a giver of gifts. They ask for her benefits to give them strength, courage, and the things they want. Let’s see below for the 2023 Varahi Navratri Dates Pooja Procedure Timings.

The name “Varahi” comes from the Sanskrit word “Varaha,” which means “boar” or “wild boar,” and the letter “I,” which means “female.” In Hindu art, Varahi is usually shown as a goddess with a boar’s head and a woman’s body. She is usually carrying weapons and wearing different kinds of jewelry. Her pig form shows that she is not afraid and shows that she is a fierce guardian.

Hindu legend says that Varahi Mata was born when Lord Vishnu took the form of a pig in the Varaha avatar to save Bhudevi, the Earth goddess, from the depths of the cosmic ocean. People think that Lord Varaha gave Varahi Mata his strength and fierceness, and she uses her heavenly powers to protect the good, defeat bad forces, and keep cosmic order.

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2023 Varahi Navratri Dates Pooja Procedure Timings and Significance:

People who honor Varahi Mata think that doing so can help them in many ways. People think of her as the one who gives confidence, power, and safety from threats and bad things. People also think that worshipping her will bring them material wealth, success in their endeavors, and the removal of barriers. Also, Varahi Mata is linked to health, and people go to her for help with physical problems and illness.

Worship of Varahi Mata has different customs and ways of doing things in different places and times. Some of her followers pray to her, do elaborate pujas (rituals of worship), and say her chants to ask for her benefits. Others may use tantric practices or ways of meditating that is linked to Varahi Mata in order to tap into her holy energy.

If we look at Varahi Matha’s form, we can see that she has the face of Varaha, eight shoulders, Shankha, Chakra, Hala (plough), Musala (trowel), Pasha, Ankusha, Varada, and Abhaya hands…This is what Mahavarahi (Brhadvarahi) looks like… As Laghu Varahi, Swapnavarahi, Dhumravarahi, and Kiratavarahi, people worship at Varahi Matha.

This year, Ashada Navratri or Varahi Navaratri starts from 19th June Monday to 28 June Wednesday.

2023 Varahi Navratri Dates Pooja Procedure Timings and Pooja Process:

  • Day-1 Puja: Unmatta Varahi Puja or Indrani Puja
  • Day-2 Puja: Brihad Varahi Puja or Brahmani Puja
  • Day-3 Puja: Swapna Varahi Puja or Vaishnavi Puja
  • Day-4 Puja: Kirata Varahi Puja or Maheshvari Puja
  • Day-5 Puja: Swetha Varahi Puja or Kaumari Puja
  • Day-6 Puja: Dhoomra Varahi Puja or Chamunda Puja
  • Day-7 Puja: Maha Varahi Puja or Shakambari Puja
  • Day-8 Puja: Varthali Varahi Puja or Varahi Puja
  • Day-9 Puja: Dandini Varahi Puja or Lalitha Parameswari Puja
  • Day-10: Parana

Do Nitya Pooja to Goddess Varahi and Kumkumarchan with the names Varahi Ashtottaram and Varahi Shodasa. Varahi’s stotras, hridaya, kavacha, sahasranama, etc.,

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