2023 Yadagirigutta Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham Online Booking

See below for the 2023 Yadagirigutta Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham Online Booking, Yadagirigutta Satyanarayana Vratham Timings, Bookings, Cost, and Details here.

At the Yadagiri Temple, one of the major daily events is the Satyanarayana Vratham. Yadadri Temple or Yadagirigutta is another name for the Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple in Yadadri, Telangana. The temple honoring Lord Lakshmi Narasimha is situated on the lovely hillside. The temple was given its name after a sage by the name of Yadava who adored Lord Vishnu, according to mythology (Lord Narasimha). As the Lord was pleased with his devotion, the Jwaalaa Narasimha, the Gandabherunaa Narasimha, and the Yogananda Narasimha all manifested (given darshan) in three separate forms. In his three forms, Sage Yadava begged the Lord to stay on the mountaintop and continue to give darshan (Darshan of Lord Narasimha in three different forms). One has the possibility to experience the perfect view from the hillside.

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2023 Yadagirigutta Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham Online Booking

The typical daily timetables are listed below during periods of high traffic, timings and batches will be increased correspondingly.

  1. Early in the morning: 07.30 (1st Batch), 10:00 (2nd Batch)
  2. Late afternoon: 12:00 (3rd Batch)
  3. Evening: 4:00 p.m. (4th Batch)
  • For the convenience of devotees, Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Vrata Pooja in this regard. Four times a day, from sunrise to evening, Swami’s vrata pujas are conducted in Yadagirigutta.. Each puja’s tickets are distributed 30 minutes prior to the ritual’s start. Participants in the Vrata Puja must pay 800 rupees for their tickets, adhere to the Covid-19 rules, and don a mask. The devasthanam offers free milk and curd in addition to the required puja supplies.
  • However, it is necessary to purchase fruits, and flowers needed for prasad from elsewhere. This hour-long Vrata Pooja is still being performed with dedication. For the convenience of devotees traveling from different locations to do Sri Satyanarayana Swamy’s Vrata Pooja, necessary parking is provided here. But parking is an expense. The worship of Sri Satyanarayana Swami Vrata, which was possible on the mound before Yadagirigutta was rebuilt, is today carried out in a specially built shed on the east side of the lowest part of the mound. There’s no need to climb the hill.
  • Vratham entertained the congregation of worshippers inside a Mandapam on the temple grounds. It is done in honor of the Utsava deities. The priest performs the Vratham ritual. This pooja can be performed by couples for the benefit and development of the family. Darshan follows Vratham’s hour-long run. When you arrive, you can purchase tickets at the desk.
  • Tickets cost Rs. 800 and may be purchased online at the temple’s official website at Satyanarayana Vratha Mandapam also sells tickets.

Importance of Yadagirigutta Sathyanarayana Vratham

  • This pooja can be performed by newlyweds for fortune and offspring.
  • This pooja can be performed by couples for the welfare of their families.
  • Also, Singles who are not married used to perform this pooja for wealth, career advancement, and a compatible partner.
  • At the time of Any New property acquisition.
  • This can be done at the time of launching a new business or office


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