Aadi Krithigai 2022 Kavadi Festival Date and Timings

See below for Aadi Krithigai 2022 Kavadi Festival Date and Timings, Sri Murugan Aadi Krithigai Festival Pooja Timings, Famous Murugan Temples Kavadi Festival Timings

The Tamil calendar’s Aadi month (mid-July to mid-August) is packed with different spiritual and religious activities. This month marks the beginning of the summer solstice, as the Sun begins to move southward (called Dakshinayana). People are linked with their spiritual energy and participate in prayers throughout this month. This month is also devoted to Goddess Shakti, whose energy is particularly powerful and vivid during this month.

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Aadi Krithigai 2022 Kavadi Festival Date and Timings

Saturday, July 23, is Aadi Karthigai 2022.

Krittika Nakshatra (star) ranks third out of the 27 stars. This star rules the day of the Tamil month of Aadi, which is known as Aadi Krithigai. This day is regarded as exceedingly fortunate and one of the greatest occasions to worship Lord Muruga, as Krittika is Lord Muruga’s favored star.

The Importance of Aadi Krithigai:

When supernatural spirits shower their mercy on earth and answer your ardent prayers, the Tamil month of Aadi (Ashada) comes between mid-July and mid-August and is regarded as exceedingly fortunate.

When the Sun transits from the north to the southern hemisphere, the month of Aadi occurs in the second half of the year, which is known as Dakshinayana (Dakshin means south and ‘Ayana’ means voyage). As a result, the entire month of Aadi is perfect for offering special prayers and Poojas (worship) to Gods and Goddesses.

Aadi Krithigai is considered Lord Muruga’s power day, and special gifts are presented to him in Arupadai Veedu temples on this day (six abodes of Lord Muruga).

Aadi Krithigai’s Observation Story:

In certain areas, Aadi Krithigai is celebrated to commemorate Murugan’s triumph over the demon Surapadman. Muruga bestowed boons on worshippers when the monster was defeated.

Lord Muruga was born as six separate newborns, according to Hindu scriptures. And the six Krittika stars looked after him. Goddess Parvati later merged Lord Muruga into a single newborn with six heads. This legend has several different versions. Another reason to celebrate Aadi Krithigai.

Krittikas, one of the Pleiades’ six stars, was passing across the sky when he heard the gurgling of a joyful infant from Saravana Lake, a marshy lake in the Himalayas thicket of reeds.

The six maidens hurried to take up the adorable newborn, overcome with parental love. Each of them desired to take up the infant. Muruga is reported to have metamorphosed into six different forms in order to satisfy the six maidens’ motherly devotion. The ecstatic krittikas each took a baby in their arms and suckled it while lavishing attention on it.

The six infants signify a yearning

  • Consciousness (Shiva)
  • Parvati (Earth)
  • Agni (Fire)
  • Ganga (Water)
  • Space (Krittika)
  • Synergy (Kama)

On Aadi Krithigai, devotees bring the flower Kavadi. It is celebrated grandly in Murugan temples across the world with numerous ceremonies.

On this day, temples dedicated to Muruga, also known as Skanda and Shanmukha, celebrate special rites and prayers.

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