Avani Masam 2022 Tamil Calendar Start and End Date

see below for Avani Masam 2022 Tamil Calendar Start and End Date, Muhurtham Dates in Avani Masam, Dates and Timings in the Avani Tamil Month 2022

Avani Masam or Aavani month is the 5th month in the traditional Tamil calendar followed in Tamil Nadu. Avani Masam starts on August 17 and ends on September 17 (31 days). it’s far one of the auspicious months for Tamil humans. Simha Sankramanam or Sun’s transition to the Leo zodiac marks the beginning of Avani Masam It is also known as Simha Masam in the Solar calendar. 

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Avani Avittam is one of the major festivals in the month of Avani. Tamil Brahmins change their sacred thread (Yagnopaveetham or Gayathri) on Avittam nakshatra day in Aavani month. Sundays in Avani month are dedicated to reciting prayers ‘Avani Gnayiru’.  There are not many festivals and also muhurtham dates in the Avani month for the year 2022. For the muhurtham dates this month, it is highly suggested contact an astrologer to find the dates as per the bride and groom’s birth chart.

Avani Masam 2022 Tamil Calendar Start and End Date

  • Start Date 17 August 2022
  • End Date 17 Sepetember 2022
  • 17-Aug-2022, Theipirai Shashti
  • 18-Aug-2022, Theipirai Saptami
  • 19-Aug-2022, Theipirai Ashtami
  • 20-Aug-2022, Theipirai Navami
  • 21-Aug-2022, Theipirai Dasami
  • 22-Aug-2022, Theipirai Ekadasi
  • 23-Aug-2022 Theipirai Dwadashi
  • 24-Aug-2022 Theipirai Trayodasi 
  • 25-Aug-2022 Theipirai Chaturdashi
  • 26-Aug-2022 Theipirai Amavasai
  • 27-Aug-2022 Valarpirai Atithi
  • 28-Aug-2022 Valarpirai Prathamai 
  • 29-Aug-2022 Valarpirai Dwitiya
  • 30-Aug-2022 Valarpirai Tritiya 
  • 31-Aug-2022 Valarpirai Titittuvam
  • 01-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Shashti
  • 02-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Saptami
  • 03-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Ashtami 
  • 04-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Navami
  • 05-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Dasami
  • 06-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Ekadasi 
  • 07-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Dwadashi 
  • 08-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Trayodasi 
  • 09-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Chaturdashi 
  • 10-Sep-2022 Valarpirai Pournami 
  • 11-Sep-2022 Theipirai Prathamai 
  • 12-Sep-2022 Theipirai Titittuvam 
  • 13-Sep-2022 Theipirai Chathurthi 
  • 14-Sep-2022 Theipirai Panchami 
  • 15-Sep-2022 Theipirai Shashti 
  • 16-Sep-2022 Theipirai Atithi 
  • 17-Sep-2022 Theipirai Saptami

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