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Ananta Vrat or Ananta Padmanabha vratham is a very glorious and special vrat. It is observed in the month of Avani or Puratasi, on the Chaturthasi tithi that follows Vinayaka Chaturthi. It is the most powerful and Oldest Vrat. This vrat help us to get back what we have lost due to our karmas. Lord Krishna himself has blessed the Pandavas with its glories through this Vrat.

Although ‘Anandan’ is the name of Sri Adiseshan. This Vrat is done in honor of Ananta Padmanabha Swamy who knows Ananta. This is a wonderful Vrat that helps us gain what we have lost due to karmic actions in life.

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Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Vratham Tamil PDF Download:

As per Mahabharatha, The Pandavas lost their Kingdom due to fraud and while wandering in exile, Yudhisthira, the eldest of the Pandavas, appealed to Sri Krishna Paramatma for his heartache and prayed for the path to deliver him from his sufferings. Then Shri Krishna Paramathma said that all sufferings would be removed if he observes ‘Ananda Vratam’, Yudhishthira also asked, ‘Who is Ananda?’ he asked.

Lord Krishna gave a reply to Pandavas that, he is the Anantha and he owns the world. There is no one else. I am Ananta and sustain the world. O Kunti Magane The gods, the rishis, the mountains, the Ashtavas, the Ekadasa Rudras are all my form!!” said.

Ananta Padmanabha Vrat

Lord Narayana with the name Anantha or Adiseshan holds the earth from the underworld with his thousand heads and runs the wheel of time. This is the day when he began to bear the earth for a Kalpa with his head. First, we have to do pooja to the Yamuna. Then make an image of Ananthan with 14 darpas (braided like a head braid) and place it in a casket with five heads and invoke 14-haired silk rope and 14 protective devas and tie the rope on the left hand. By the grace of Anantan, you can get infinite blessings.

Add jaggery to five steps of wheat flour and make 28 Athirasams. Fourteen of these should be given to the poor as tambulam and Dakshina. We have to eat the rest. All the puja items should be fourteen in number. If you do this fast with devotion, all the unsolved problems will be solved. Immeasurable wealth will come.

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