Bhadrapada Masam 2022 Telugu Calendar Start and End dates

See below for Bhadrapada Masam 2022 Telugu Calendar Start and End dates. Festivals in Bhadrapada Masam, Important days in Telugu calendar Bhadrapada Masam 2022.

Bhadrapada Masa is the 6th month in a traditional Hindu Telugu calendar followed in Andhra Pradesh. some of the auspicious days within the month consist of Vinayaka Chavithi or Ganesh Chaturthi, Swarna Gowri Vratam, Rishi Panchami, Jyeshta Devi Puja, Anant Chaturdashi, and Prostapadi Shraddha. Now move directly to Bhadrapada Masam 2022 Telugu Calendar start and end Dates.

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A few Hindu communities perform Tarpan and Shraddha for dead parents and relatives during the Mahalaya Krishna Paksha period of Bhadrapada month (11th of September to September 25). As per the Telugu calendar, the Bhadrapada Masam is the 6th month of the yr. The 12 months of the Telugu humans start from the Ugadi of each yr. The Year ends with the Ugadi date. The Ugadi date is not a fixed date and keeps converting according to the tithi of the calenders.

Bhadrapada Masam 2022 Telugu Calendar Start and End dates

Bhadrapada Masam is 6th Month in Telugu Calander. The Most Important and Famous Ganesh Navaratri festivals will be celebrated this month. Also, Krishna Paksha(second half of the Month) of the Bhadrapada masa is especially for Pitru Aaradhana named as Pithru Paksha or Mahalaya Paksha (15 days of Full moon day).

  • Bhadrapada Masam start Date 28 August 2022
  • Bhadrapada Masam end Date 25 September 2022

The Bhadrapada Masam is the month wherein the year breaks in 1/2 and this month is taken into consideration as appropriate for agriculture. additionally, typically, this month is characterized by using heavy rains. The Bhadrapada Masam is likewise referred to as the Shoonya Masam. which means it is an empty month. Proper features and also marriages will no longer be usually held this month.

Traditionally, this month is considered the Shoonya Masam due to the fact the rural crops either come to be ripe earlier than this month or after this month. No transactions show up this month. because the Telugu states are frequently agrarian states, agriculture is the main supply of income for plenty of humans. So if there’s no crop ripening this month then there can be no earnings as nicely so as to be difficult for the own family to do the marriage. So this month is the shoonya month.

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