Dharmasthala Temple Tulabhara Timings

Know the Latest Update regarding the Dharmasthala Temple Tulabhara Timings. Sri Manjunatha Temple darshan and Thulabata timings, Procedure, cost, and more.

Dharmasthala Temple is situated in the Karnataka State, India in South India. Formerly it is called Bethangady. Scroll down to check out Dharmasthala Tulabhara Seva Timings. Dharmasthala Temple is an 800-year-old strict organization in the sanctuary town of Dharmasthala in Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka, India. The divinities of the sanctuary are Shiva, who is alluded to as Mañjunatha, Ammanavaru, the Tirthankara Chandraprabha, and the defensive lords of Jainism, Kalarahu, Kalarkayi, Kumaraswamy, and Kanyakumari. 

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The sanctuary was reconsecrated in the sixteenth hundred years by Dvaita holy person Vadiraja Tirtha in line with the then chairman of the sanctuary, Devaraja Heggade. The sanctuary is considered unique since it has a place with the Shaiva organization of Hinduism. The clerics are Madhwa Brahmins, who are Vaishnava, and the organization is controlled by a Jain Bunt family called the Pergades.

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Dharmasthala Temple Tulabhara Timings

3 Adults and a Devotee who offers are allowed per Ticket. The one who is giving Thulabara must be above 6 Months. Men ought to take off shirts and Vest while entering the Sanctum Sanctorum. Men with half jeans and women with nighties are not permitted inside the sanctuary for darshan. One can book before 2 Days to 20 Days for the Seva.  Devotees are treated as Children until 11 Years. 

There are 2 Slots per day for Tulabara Seva:

  1. 8:00 AM – Report before 7:00 AM
  2. 12:30 PM – Report before 12:00 PM

Tulabara can be done with the following items:

  1. Rice
  2. Salt
  3. Tender Coconut or Dry Coconut
  4. Flowers
  5. Coins
  6. Banana
  7. Jaggery
  8. Grain or Dal
  9. Vegetables

More Info:

  1. Tulabhara booking should be possible web-based 2 Days to 20 days ahead of time.
  2. Tulabhara once reserved can’t be dropped, moved, or preponed, yet it tends to be deferred.
  3. The accessible spaces will rely upon celebrations and unique events at the Temple.
  4. Alongside the enthusiast offering Tulabhara Seva, 3 others will be allowed to go with to the scene of Tulabhara.
  5. Present a printed duplicate of the booking affirmation or SMS affirmation for the check at the counter.
  6. ID verification of the individual in whose name the booking is done should be created as a matter of course.
  7. Tulabhara seva won’t be finished for Children under a half year.
  8. When booked, the sum paid won’t be discounted under any condition.

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