Somnath Temple Dharamshala Online Book Procedure

Know the details about the Somnath Temple Dharamshala Online Book Procedure, Somnath Temple Dharamshala Online Book Procedure

The Shree Somnath Trust provides devotees with the opportunity to stay in its guest house amenities. Trust is responsible for the maintenance of a VIP Guest House in addition to 18 smaller guest homes and a dormitory. Almost two hundred different guests may be accommodated at any one time in the trust’s several guesthouses.

The Somnath Temple does not need visitors to get a darshan ticket in order to have a live encounter with the primary deity. In addition, the Somnath Temple does not provide worshippers a VIP Darshan or an aarti option. This is due to the fact that the Somnath Trust does not operate any of these services.

Somnath Temple Dharamshala Online Book Procedure

Prabhas Patan, which is situated in Gujarat, India, is home to the Somnath temple, which is also referred to as the Somnath temple or Deo Patan. According to Hindu belief, it is the holiest of all pilgrimage destinations and ranks first among the twelve jyotirlinga temples dedicated to Shiva. After being repeatedly destroyed in the past by a number of Muslim conquerors and monarchs, the temple has been repaired on several occasions in the past.

One of the most notable instances of this is when Mahmud Ghazni launched an assault on the temple in the 11th century. It is not known for certain when the initial iteration of the Somnath temple was constructed, with estimations ranging from the early years of the 1st millennium to about the 9th century CE.

Location Of Somnath Temple

The Prabhas Patan, Veraval, Saurashtra area of Gujarat is home to the Somnath temple, which may be found right on the water. A prominent archaeological and pilgrimage site in Gujarat, it is located around 400 kilometers (249 miles) southwest of Ahmedabad and 82 kilometers (51 miles) south of Junagadh. Distances from major airports in neighboring cities include 130 km (81 mi) to the southeast toward Porbandar and 85 km (53 mi) to the west toward Diu.

Between 2500 and 1200 BCE, when the Indus Valley Civilization flourished, the area now known as Prabhas Patan was inhabited. It was unusual for a location in the Junagadh area to have that many people there. It was abandoned around 1200 BCE, but reoccupied in 400 BCE and remained in use throughout history. Prabhas’ proximity to Junagadh, Dwarka, Padri, and Bharuch, four other similarly inhabited places, is very convenient.

Hotels In The Vicinity Of The Somnath Temple

  • Somnath Sagar Hotel
  • A Stay at the Somnath Fern Residence
  • There’s the Bliss Hotel,
  • The Sukhnath Hotel,
  • The Dev Inn Hotel,
  • The Shri Hari Hotel,
  • The Shivaay Hotel,
  • The Triveni Darshan Hotel.

Somnath Temple Dharamshala Online Book Procedure And Details

  • Generally, the time to check in is at 11:00 a.m.
  • The customary time to check out is 10:00 a.m.
  • For ages 10 and above, there is an additional fee.
  • At 11 o’clock, the kitchen will no longer be open.
  • We will have extra beds available.
  • There is also a baby cradle for your use.
  • In fact, you may book a room a whole year in advance if you want.
  • Only the Lilavati Atithi Bhavan, Maheshwari Atithi Bhavan, Sagar, and Darshan Guesthouse are now accepting reservations online.
  • Sagar Darshan Cottage has sea-view accommodations that all face the ocean.

Somnath Temple Guest House Contact Details

Use this number to reserve a room at Sagar Darshan or Tanna Atithigruh: 02876-231212

Accommodation Reservations at the Lilavati Atithi Gruh may be made by calling 02876-233033.

Call 02876-233130 to reserve a room at the Maheshwari Atithi Gruh.

If you need any assistance after you reach Somnath, you may call Tanna Atithigruh, the caretaker of our guesthouses, at +91-94093 09654.
Phone: +91-94093 09655, Lilavati Atithi Bhavan, Caretaker
Caretaker, Sagar Darshan Atithi Gruh, may be reached at +91-94093 09656.
To contact Maheshwari Atithi Gruh, Caretaker, please call +91-94093 09652.

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