Draksharamam Manikyamba Devi Temple Opening Timings Today

Know the details about Draksharamam Manikyamba Devi Temple Opening Timings Today, Draksharamam Manikyamba Devi Temple timings

One of the Ashtadasa Shakti temples, the Manikyamba Devi temple can be found at Draksharamam, which is located in Andhra Pradesh. It is claimed that when Lord Vishnu severed the body of Devi Sati with his Sudarshan Chakra, a piece of her navel fell here. This is known as the Navel of Devi Sati. It is also one of the five prominent temples dedicated to Lord Shiva that are together referred to as the Pancharama temples. See below to get the details about Draksharamam Manikyamba Devi Temple Opening Timings Today

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Draksharamam Manikyamba Devi Temple Opening Timings Today

What are the timings of Draksharamam Manikyamba Devi Temple?

Draksharamam Manikyamba Devi Temple opens in the morning at 6:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM in the evening.

Bhimeswara Swamy is the incarnation of Lord Shiva in this context, and Devi Manikyamba is her consort. The temple is located on the eastern bank of the Godavari River, which is a very large river. There is a temple dedicated to Manikyamaba Devi located in the Prakara, or inner circle, of the Lord Bhimeswara Swamy temple.

It may be found at the top right-hand corner of the northeastern part of the campus. A Srichakra may be seen just below the Manikyamaba Matha idol. Manikyamaba Devi will view the left side, which tells us that she was venerated in the past along the Vama marga, also known as the Left path. In this location, devotion of Lord Bhimeswara Swamy and Manikyamba Devi was performed by the Saptarshis and the Sun deity.

A ‘Shiva lingam’ is said to be ensconced in the hallowed Draksharama Temple by the deity Surya, according to the local folklore. Angels worked tirelessly throughout the night to construct the temple. The building of the surrounding wall was not able to be finished before daylight, and it is still unfinished at this point. There have been a number of attempts made to build the portion of the wall that has not yet been finished; however, all of these efforts have been unsuccessful since the wall that has been built has collapsed within a few months of being built.

Draksharamam Manikyamba Devi Temple Opening Timings Today

Draksharamam Manikyamba Devi Temple History:

One of the unique characteristics of this Shiva Lingam is that it is illuminated by the soft sunlight of the early morning. The walls of the temple are covered with close to 800 different antique writings. It is reported that the Siva Linga in this temple is comprised of a single massive crystal that is 2.6 meters tall.

Dakshayani, Siva’s first wife and constant companion, is shown here with her husband. The Various Legends Regarding Manikyamba Devi: There are three different accounts that concern Manikyamba Devi. The first one is about a Brahmin widow who fashioned a golden idol in memory of a daughter who had passed away.

But after some time had passed, the idol gained the ability to converse. Because of the many stones that were used to adorn this statue, it is also known as Manikyamba or Manikyeswari. When the new king Bhimadeva arrived in this region, he took the idol with him and began worshiping her as his Kula devata. According to some versions of events, the name Manikyamba originates from the term Mainakamba, which indicates that she was the daughter of Menaka Devi, who was Himavanta’s wife.

Draksharamam Manikyamba Devi Temple Opening Timings Today

The term Manikamba eventually became spelled Manikyamba during the time period in question. There is still another significant tale that pertains to Manikyamaba Devi. The woman who gave birth to Manikyamba Devi was a prostitute.

She had a dream about Lord Bhimeswara one night, and after waking up, she made the decision that she would only marry Lord Bhimeswara. She showed a tremendous deal of devotion to Lord Shiva, and as a result, she was ultimately able to wed Lord Bhimeswara Swamy.

This narrative was also referenced by the famous poet Srinatha, who lived around the 14th century and is known for his contribution to the Bhimakhanadam. From that point on, the goddess Manikyamba Devi was venerated as the Mother deity. It is also possible to refer to Manikyamba Devi as the Kula devata of the Vesyas.


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