Godadevi Thiruppavai Pashuram in Telugu Dhanurmasam Stotram

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Tiruppavai is a Sacred Tamil hymn of thirty pashuram sung wrote by Sri Godadevi (Avatar of Neela Devi) in praise of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. This is a Very Important and regular chanting Stotram in the Dhanurmasam of Sanathana Dharma. As per Vaishnavism, Tiruppavai Pashura Ganam will be held during the time of Suprabhatham in all Vaishnava temples. This is an important part of the Nalaiira Divya Prabandha by the Pannidaralvars and occupies a prominent place in Tamil literature.

As per Sanathana Dharma, In India, there is a tradition called Katyayini Vratam where unmarried women pray to Goddess Gouri and Sri Narayana to grant them a Good Husband. As per Maha Bharatha, this Katyayini Vratham was done by all Gopika Stree in Dwapara Yuga to get a good husband like Sri Krishna.

As similar, Goddess Goda (Andal) wrote the Tiruppavai and did pooja to Lord Sri Krishna in Dhanurmasam, which is very similar to the Katyayini Vratham. Andal believes that the Tiruppavai vrata belongs to that category, and Gopika women performed this vrata during the Dwapara Yuga to wish Lord Krishna as her husband.

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Godadevi Thiruppavai Pashuram in Telugu Dhanurmasam Stotram

  • There are 30 Pashuram in Tiruppavai for 30 days and Sri Vaishnavas followers and devotees recite these Pasuras as a duty every day in their homes and temples throughout the year. Tiruppavai lays down certain rules of Vaishnava Dharma to be followed by Sri Vaishnavas during Dhanurmasam.
  • Sri Vaishnavas all over the country sing these chants seeking blessings and peace. Andal along with her sisters sings Tiruppavai and performs a strict fast for thirty days to get Lord Krishna as her husband. A treatise on the Thirty Pasuras by Godadevi, one of the Twelve. These Pasuras, which Vaishnavas with utmost sacredness, preach Madhura Bhakti.
  • The meaning of the Word Tiruppavai Tiru means Srikaram, Shubhapradam, Pavitram, etc. Pavai means fasting. Vaishnavites call this vrata Margashirsha vratamani and Dhanurmasa vratamani. These Tiruppavai Pashuram are available in different Languages. All bookstores and stationery stores sell the book of Tiruppavai in Different languages. Also, this Tiruppavai is also available in Online Different Languages.
  • In the last pashuram, Godadevi, who is the daughter of Vishnu Chittu, emphasizes that she has composed and sung these thirty pashurams, and whoever sings them with devotion will be blessed with God’s grace.


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