2023 Holi Festival Celebration Tamil Nadu Date and Timings

See below for the 2023 Holi Festival Celebration Tamil Nadu Date and Timings, Holika Dahan Festival Celebration in Tamil Nadu 2023 Date and Timings Here.

Holi is celebrated by the Tamil Nadu population in honor of the Kama Deva tale. Songs that recount the tragic story of Rati and her lamentations are sung on this day. Here, Holi is referred to by the names Kamavilas, Kaman Pandigai, and Kama-Dahanam.

Holi is primarily a festival of colors during which young people and adults apply gulal to one another and ask their elders for blessings. It lasts for two days. People mark Holika Dahan the day before having fun with color and enjoying wonderful food. On this day, people ignite a bonfire as a symbol, which is thought to burn out all evil.

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2023 Holi Festival Celebration Tamil Nadu Date and Timings

India celebrates Holi on March 8th, 2023. Holika Dahan occurs on March 7th (the night of the full moon). On March 7th, the Muhurta for Holika Dahan (the lucky time) is from 06:24 to 08:51.

The Story of Kamadeva and Kama Dahana:

  • The popular legend in South India is that of Kamadeva, the Love God (the Hindu version of Lover), who wanders through the forests in the spring and shoots arrows with hearts-piercing passion at anybody who is in his way from a bow made of sweet sugarcane.
  • According to legend, Shiva felt depressed and began to meditate shortly after his spouse Sati committed herself as a result of her father, Daksha, humiliating Lord Shiva. Parvati, the mountain’s daughter, began to meditate in order to win Lord Shiva as her husband. All the gods got worried and terrified since Lord Shiva showed the least interest in the world.
  • They went up to Kaama and begged him to shoot his arrow at Lord Shiva in order to restore him to his former state and allow him to wed Parvati. Kaama then proceeded to shoot his arrow, but Lord Shiva got enraged and opened his third eye, burning Kaama to ashes. Shiva then turned to face Paarvati and completed her penance by being married to her.
  • Rati, Kamdev’s wife, who is upset, then convinces Lord Shiva for pity. Kamadeva is partially returned to Rati after Shiva shows mercy. She can see him, but he is still “anang,” or without human appearance. The stories told in these songs are those of Rati’s lamentations. Another interpretation holds that Kamadeva is brought back to life by Parvati (Siva’s consort), and Holi is celebrated on the day he started breathing normally. Holi is therefore regarded as a festival that honors love.

Social Impact on Holi:

  • Holi promotes racial harmony and bolsters our nation’s secular foundation. Because everyone wants to take part in such a colorful and joyful holiday, the festival is also observed by non-Hindus.
  • Furthermore, it is customary to make friends with foes during Holi and forget about any hardships that may have existed. Aside from that, no one makes a distinction between the rich and the poor on this day as everyone joins in on the holiday in a spirit of goodwill and unity.
  • After work, individuals visit friends and family to say hello and exchange gifts, treats, and pleasantries. This aids in revitalizing connections and fortifying emotional ties among people.



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