Guruvayur Temple Opening and Closing Time Seva Details

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Guruvayur Temple is a Hindu temple in Guruvayur, Kerala, India, dedicated to Guruvayurappan, a form of Vishnu. It is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage sites in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and is also known as Bhuloka Vaikunta (Vaikuntha in the earthly realm).

Guruvayurappan, Vishnu in the form of Krishna, is the presiding deity of the Guruvayur Temple. A four-armed standing Vishnu holds the conch Panchajanya, the discus Sudarshana, the mace Kaumodaki, and a lotus with a tulsi garland as the central icon. This artwork depicts Vishnu in his glorious form as revealed to Krishna’s parents, Vasudeva and Devaki, at the time of his birth.

Guruvayur Temple is often spelled, Guruvayoor Temple. It is a Krishna Temple and one of India’s five most prominent KrishnaVishnu temples. Guruvayoor is known as “Bhuloka Vaikunta,” or the earthly home of Vishnu.

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Guruvayur Temple Opening and Closing Time Seva Details

Guruvayoor Temple darshan hours are from 3:00 am to 21:15 pm for devotees. Darshan timings may vary during festivals such as Ulsavam (Annual Festival), Vishu, Vaishaka, Ashtami Rohini, and Kuchela’s Day. Normally, it takes one hour to complete the darshan, however, due to the high volume of devotees on Sunday, this time may be extended to two to three hours.

Rudratheertham is the temple tank (pond) on the temple’s north side. According to mythology, Lord Shiva bathed on the southern bank of this pond for thousands of years. Because Shiva is also known as ‘Rudra,’ the pond was given the name Rudratheertham.

Guruvayur Temple Darshan Timings Today:

S.No Timings Event Details
1 3:00 A.M. Temple Opening Hours
2 3:00 A.M. – 3:10 A.M. Nirmalyadarsanam. Open for Darshan
3 3:10 A.M. – 3:40 A.M. Thailabhishekam, Vakacharthu
4 3:40 A.M. – 4:15 A.M. Malar Naivedyam, Darshan will be closed
5 4:15 A.M. – 4:30 A.M. Open for General Darshan
6 4:30 A.M. – 5:00 A.M. Usha Naivedyam. Darshan will be closed
7 5:00 A.M. – 5:30 A.M. Open for General Darshan
8 5:30 A.M. – 6:15 A.M. Ganapathy Homam, Ethirettupooja
9 6:15 A.M. – 7:00 A.M. Seeveli. Darshan will be closed
10 7:00 A.M. – 7:40 A.M. Open for General Darshan
11 7:40 A.M. – 9:00 A.M. Palabhishekam, Pantheeradi Pooja
12 9:00 A.M. – 11:30 A.M. Open for General Darshan
13 11:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. Uchapooja. Darshan will be closed
14 12:30 P.M. – 1:00 P.M. Open for General Darshan
15 1:00 P.M. – 4:30 P.M. Temple will be closed
16 4:30 P.M. Temple Re-opening Hours
17 4:45 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. Seeveli
18 5:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. Open for General Darshan
19 6:00 P.M. – 6:30 P.M. Deeparadhana
20 6:30 P.M. – 7:20 P.M. Open for General Darshan
21 7:20 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. Athazha Pooja
22 8:00 P.M. – 8:30 P.M. Open for General Darshan
23 8:45 P.M. – 10:00 P.M. Seeveli, Chuttuvilakku, Olavayana Thrippuka
24 10:00 P.M. Temple Closing Hours


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