Guruvayur Temple Darshan Timings Online Booking Today

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In Kerala, Guruvayur is one of the most famous and Visiting Temple Places. In this Temple, Lord Vishnu is in the form of Sri Krishna. It is Located in the municipality of the Thrissur district. This Guruvayur Temple is Popularly Known as Dakshina Dwarka and Lord Krishna is revered here under the name “Guruvayurappan.” In this Balagopalu temple “Guruvayur”, Lord Krishna has Sudarshan chakra, kaumodakam, and panchajanya conch shell in His hands. The temple’s lord is referred to as Kannan, Unnikrishnan (Balakrishna), Unikannan, and Guruvayurappan, and is located 30 KM from Thrissur in Kerala. Guru and Vayus are the primary components of Sri Krishna idol worship, hence this town has been named Guruvayuru (Guru + Vayu + Town).

Due to the importance of Guru and Vayus in enhancing Lord Krishna’s splendor, this town was given the name Guruvayuru (Guru+Vayu+Uru). With reverence, Lord Krishna is referred to as “Guruvayurappan.” “Appa” is a term for father, lord, and god in South India.

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Guruvayur Temple Darshan Timings Online Booking Today

  • In this Temple, Devotees can be allowed to have the Guruvayurappan Darshan from 06.30 AM to 01.30 PM and 04 PM to 08 PM.
  • Devotees Must visit the temple in Traditional Dress only
  • Gents Must wear Pyjama or Dhoti. Should not allow with Shirt and Other Western Wear.
  • Ladies Must wear Saree or Half Saree. No Western wear or other dressings or allowed.
  • People can book the darshan and seva tickets from the Temple Officeial website

History of Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple

  • According to legend, the Narayana idol in the temple’s sanctum is 5000 years old. According to tradition, Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar all worshipped Guruvayurappan here.
  • According to the Puranas, Lord Shiva handed this Patalashi idol to Brahma before giving it to Sutapasharushi, who was trying to conceive, Kasyapa Prajapati, who received it as an inheritance from him, blessed Vasudeva, and Lord Krishna, who received it from his father and dedicated it in Dwarka.
    According to legend, upon his ascension, Krishna called his student Uddhava and informed him that Dwarka would soon fall into the sea and that Jupiter, the teacher of the gods, would subsequently receive the idol from it.
  • In accordance with Uddhava’s message, Vayudev assisted Jupiter- in traveling to Kerala’s shore. A Koneri statue was to be placed on the bank of the Koneti after Lord Shiva was spotted doing penance close to it.
  • This Murthy (idol) is located there. Rudrathirtha of today is that Temple Pond. Due to the dedication of both Guru and Vayu, this region is known as Guruvayur.
  • According to later accounts, Lord Shiva took Parvati and moved to the opposite side of the lake. The location of the current Shiva temple is Mammiyur.
  • According to legend, Vishwakarma first constructed this temple, which was then repaired by Pandya rulers and expanded thanks to gifts from followers.


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