How Many Brahmotsavam in Tirumala

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Brahmotsavam is a celebration commemorating Lord Bramha’s sacrifice to Lord Vishnu. According to mythology, Lord Bramha offered Lord Vishnu a Brahmotsavam prayer. That is why Shiva, Bramha, and Vishnu may be seen in the Suchidram Sthaumalaya Temple, where daily gifts are made.

The importance of the Brahmotsavam celebration may be completely comprehended if tales are studied further. Lord Bramha is claimed to have once given Lord Balaji prayers across the catchment region of the extremely auspicious and holy Pushkarini River. This was done to express gratitude to the Lord for reinforcing humanity. Since then, the festival’s name has been taken from this ritual, which was initially performed by Lord Bramha at Tirupati Temple.

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The Brahmotsavam event, which translates as “Bramha’s Festival,” is celebrated with fervor and zest by people all around the nation. The ceremonies are normally held in October and run for 09 days. The first day is commemorated with the “Ankurarpana” ceremony, which is celebrated in conjunction with the Sri Vishvaksena feast. There will be various Vahana Seva (chariots) near temples and sacred locations where the god will be carried out in a nine-day procession.

How Many Brahmotsavam in Tirumala

The lunar calendar sometimes has an additional month. In these instances, 02 Brahmotsavams are held: Navarathri and Salakatla. This occurred again, once every 03 years, and devotees rejoiced both times. While the latter contains a Rathotsavam event, the former includes a Swarna Rathotsavam (Golden chariot). Both of these ceremonies take place on the 09th day of the Event.

Types of Brahmotsavam Celebrations in Tirumala

The notion that the event might be hosted more than once in a given year is intriguing. The Thirumala Temple holds it during the Tamil month of Purattasi. This begins with Navratri and finishes with Vijayadashami. Brahmotsavams are also held at Thirumala three times a year, on Kaisika Ekadashi, Mukkoti Dwadashi, and Rathasaptami. It is sometimes even done at the request of devotees. There were 11 Brahmotsavams celebrated in the year 1551 AD, believe it or not.

  • Salakatla Brahmotsavam (Every Year Celebration)
  • Navaratri Brahmotsavam (Which can be celebrated on Sharan Navaratri)
  • Rathasapthami Utsavam (One Day Brahmotsavam) – 07 Vahana Sevas will be held on that day.

Every year Both Salakatla Brahmotsavam and Navaratri brahmotsavam are held on the same days, But once every 03 years, These dates will be changed.

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