Is Hanuman Jayanti always on Tuesday

Is Hanuman Jayanti always on Tuesday? mentioned below. Lord Hanuman is a very famous god in Hinduism. People belives that Hanuman is an avatar of Lord Shiva, and Some people believe he is an avatar of Mukhya Vaayu. Hanuman Jayanti is a widely celebrated religious festival in India. This festival celebrates the occasion of the birth of God Hanuman. There is much confusion about the celebration of Hanuman Jayanti in India. Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated differently in North and South India. Check out more about Is Hanuman Jayanti always on Tuesday and Hanuman Jayanthi date 2022 below.

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Is Hanuman Jayanti always on Tuesday?

No. Generally seven days a week, People worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Most people worship Hanuman on Tuesday with Betel Leaves, Known as “Hanuman – Aaku Puja”. Also, People offer Vada mala to Lord Hanuman on these days. But as per Ithihasa, Hanuman Jayanthi will not come on only Tuesdays. It falls on “Chaitra Shudda Trayodashi” Every Year.

Story Behind Hanuman Jayanti:

Lord Hanuman is a popular character in the Holy Indian Epic of Sri Ramayana. People celebrated his birthday as a festival and believes Lord Vayu Putra removes all the sins and negative energy. As per Puranas and Ramayana, Lord Hanuman was son to Anjana devi and born in Tirumala world famous Hindhu Temple. Andhra and Telangana people celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi on Chaitra Pournima. In Karnataka, people celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi as Hanuman Janmotsava on Margashirsha Shukla Paksha Trayodashi. But as per Puranas, that day is dedicated to do Hanumad Vratam. And Dravidian civilization states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu, celebrate this festival on Dhanur Masam.

Lord Hanuman also Popularly known as Anjaneya, Bhajarangabali and Rama Dutha. Worshipping Lord Hanuman will give victory against evil powers and provide protection. There are many popular and famous temples in India that are dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

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