Jatashankar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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A cave temple known as Jatashankar or Jata Shankar can be found at Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh. It is situated a distance of 1.5 kilometers away from the Pachmarhi Bus Station. It is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Pachmarhi and is also known as the Jatashankar Cave Temple. See below to get the details about Jatashankar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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Jatashankar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

The Jata Shankar Caves in Pachmarhi are revered as a holy site since it is said that here is the location where Lord Shiva hid from the wrath of Bhasmasur. The caves are found in a steep gorge that is surrounded on all sides by massive stones. The name “Jata Shankar Cave” comes from the appearance of the cave’s stalactites and stalagmites, which resemble the matted hair of Lord Shiva. The cave is made of exquisite limestone.

In addition to that, the roof of this well-known temple is adorned with a configuration that has a striking resemblance to the legendary hundred-headed serpent Seshnag.

The stalactites, which are respected as naturally occurring lingams, may be found inside the cave. This particular cave is home to a total of 108 of these kinds of naturally occurring lingams. There are two distinct kinds of ponds found in the area, both of which are supplied by springs: one of them contains cold water, while the other one has hot water.

Since no one has ever seen or reached the place where the water in the cave first begins to flow, its source remains a mystery; hence, the name “Gupt Ganga” is often used to refer to this stream of water. It is said that this cave is where the Jambu Dwip stream first began its journey. On a platform at the top part of the cave, near the entrance, there are idols dedicated to the deities Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati.

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Jatashankar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

What are the timings of the Jatashankar temple?

Jatashankar temple daily opens in the morning at 7.00 AM and closes at night at 7.00 PM

Jatashankar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

How to reach Jatashankar Temple?

By Air:

Pachmarhi is a well-known tourist site that can be reached by air and is situated in the middle of Madhya Pradesh. It is around 260 kilometers away from the city of Jabalpur and 230 kilometers away from the city of Bhopal. Each of the cities is served by its very own airport. The airport in Nagpur is yet another alternative for holidaymakers.

By Train

The Pipariya railway station is the most convenient stop for those looking to visit this breathtaking location by train. Pachmarhi is about 150 kilometers from the Itarsi railway station, which is the second alternative for tourists who are unable to catch a direct train to the Pipariya station. The Itarsi railway station is located in a different city. Another significant railroad intersection may be found here.

By Road 

In order to reach the Jatashankar temple, each and every pilgrim is required to travel a specific distance via road. Therefore, the last leg of the trip must be completed on the roads, regardless of whether you traveled by plane or train to get there.

Because of the presence of an Army cantonment in this area, the road conditions are consistently favorable and are meticulously maintained. It is always available for guests to visit throughout the year. Pachmarhi is conveniently accessible by road from Bhopal, Jabalpur, Nagpur, and Indore, which are all neighboring cities.

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