Kalpeshwar Temple Trekking Route Guide Travel Tips

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It is the only one of the five holy temples known as the Panch Kedar that is open all year long. Kalpeshwar is the fifth and final temple on the list of the Panch Kedar pilgrimage circuit. Inside this temple, devotion is performed for Jata, also known as Lord Shiva’s tangled locks. See below to get the details about Kalpeshwar Temple Trekking Route Guide Travel Tips

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Kalpeshwar Temple Trekking Route Guide Travel Tips

Because it provides breathtaking views of the unspoiled valley, the Kalpeshwar trek is taken on by a lot of devotees and others who like going on hikes. The hike provides enthralling perspectives of some of the most impressive mountains in the Himalayas, including Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi, Panchachuli, Bandarpoonch, and the Kedarnath Temple.

It is possible to take photographs of these imposing mountains when the weather is clear. The walk to Kalpeshwar begins at the town of Urgam, which is located where the Kalpganga River is.

Kalpeshwar Temple Trekking Route Guide Travel Tips

What are the Special attractions of Kalpanath Temple?

In Hindu mythology, the Kalpvriksha tree is described as having the ability to fulfill one’s wishes. A venerable Kalpvriksha tree may be seen just around the corner from the Kalpeshwar Temple. It is widely said that Lord Krishna brought this tree down from heaven to the ground in order to fulfill the desire of his wife Satyabhama. This region of Kalpeshwar was originally covered with kalpa trees when it was younger.

Since the great sage Durvasa had also pondered here for a considerable amount of time while sitting beneath the Kalpa tree, the neighborhood eventually became known as Kalpeshwar.

The Kalpeshwar Temple is also referred to as the Kalpnath Temple, the Anadinath Kalpeshwar Temple, the Jateshwar Temple, the Jatadhari Shiva Temple, and the final or fifth Kedar.

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Kalpeshwar Temple Trekking Route Guide Travel Tips

From which place Kapeshwar Temple trekking will be started?

Kalpeshwar Shrine trekking starts from Helang village which is known for its natural beauty and wonderful valleys beside it. People have to do a total of 11km of trekking from Helang village.

In the past, one had to go on foot for 12 kilometers from Helang, the closest motor head to Rishikesh on the way to Badrinath, in order to visit the temple. However, a road that can be driven has been constructed from Helang all the way up to the settlement of Urgam. From Urgam to Kalpeshwar, travelers will just have to cover a distance of 2 kilometers on foot.

The breathtaking views of the valley below, complete with terraced farms and verdant trees, make this shrine a popular destination for travelers. Guests on the hike will have the opportunity to see the Boodha Kedar temple as well as the Dhyan Badri shrine in the Urgam hamlet.



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