Karthika Pournami 2022 Date, Pooja Timings

See below for the Karthika Pournami 2022 Date Pooja Timings,  Festival Info, God Subrahmanya Pooja, Karthika deepotsava procedure, Akasa Deepam 2022

Karthika Pournami 2022 Date, Pooja Timings

India is rustic with rich cultures and diverse religions. proper from Pongal in January to Christmas in December, we Indians have a number of fairs to have fun at some point of the year any such festival is Kartik Purnima. Kartik Purnima is a pageant that is widely known by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains on the Full moon/Purnima day or the fifteenth lunar day of the month of Kartik (November–December). this is the holiest month of the year for the celebrants.

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Importance of Kartik Purnima

  • Karthika Pournami is also known as ‘Tripuri Purnima’ or ‘Tripurari Purnima’, the competition is a celebration of Lord Shiva’s victory over the demon, Tripurasara. This festival is likewise celebrated in honor of Lord Vishnu. in this day, he had incarnated as Matsya, which is his very first avatar.
  • The Hindu legend says that on this day, Gods had descended to the earth into the sacred rivers. this is why, in the course of Kartik Purnima, the devotees shower themselves in sacred rivers, and believe that they acquire the advantages of Gods.
  • The importance of this competition increases when it falls inside the Nakshatra Krittika (lunar mansion). this is whilst its miles referred to as Maha Kartik. November 2022 (Tuesday).

Timeline of the festival

Kartik Purnima is a five-day competition. it is on Prabodhani Ekadashi that the main birthday celebration begins. This marks the awakening of the Gods who had descended on this planet. This also marks the give up of Chaturmas, that’s a four-month length while Lord Vishnu changed into asleep. Hindus have fun Ekadashi on the eleventh day of Shukla Paksha and Purnima on the 15th day.

Rituals in the course of Kartik Purnima:-

Devotees observe a number of customs in the course of this competition. here is a list of the rituals observed by the celebrants:

  • According to the Hindu scriptures, all devotees ought to shower inside the Ganges or some other holy river on this day.
    Human beings additionally mild days/earthen lamps for celebrating the victory of Lord Vishnu. They consider that he had come again to his home as soon as his exile became over.
  • Devotees stroll in a procession and convey Lord ‘Shiva’ idols and photographs. They then immerse them into the water once they worship them.
  • At temples, a Prasad called, ‘Annakutta’ is offered to all deities.
  • A few devotees additionally collect around banks of holy rivers at dawn or moonrise and worship Lord Shiva.
    Devotees then take part in the ‘Bhandara’ and ‘Anna Daan’ rituals. that is executed for gaining property and prosperity at some point in the approaching year.

Kartika Purnima 2022 Date

This Year Kartik Poornima falls on 08 November 2022 Tuesday. People all over India celebrate on the Same day.

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